Andrew Tate disgusted with London, walks around with six bodyguards

Andrew Tate disgusted with London, walks around with six bodyguards

Andrew Tate claimed he was wandering around London with six bodyguards over fears of being robbed and called Britain “a cesspool”.

Andrew Tate, a former world kickboxing champion who became known earlier this year for his controversial opinions on society and women, was born in the United States but grew up in Luton. The 36-year-old, who identifies as British, admits that despite his British identity, the country’s legal system and affordability crisis shame him.

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“I’ve just gotten to London and I made it very clear to my private jet pilot that I said, ‘Fuel the jet and run it because the moment I’ve spoken to Piers I’m leaving this country , It is disgusting. ‘ This country and London as a whole was one of the most hospitable countries on earth ten years ago. Now it’s not even safe to walk around with a watch on.”

He continued:

“I was at Harrod’s yesterday and someone tried to steal someone’s watch in the store. I walk around with a security team of six adult males, plus myself and my brother, eight military-age males, all over 250 pounds. Big men, just like that, I can walk around this city, that’s totally unacceptable.”

Andrew Tate made his second appearance on Piers Morgan’s show in a short span of time. Morgan acknowledged in his opening remarks that his first interview with Tate received over 8 million YouTube views and over 17 million total views. He further claimed that during his visit to Qatar for the just-concluded 2022 FIFA World Cup, he was approached by numerous young men with praise for Tate.

Andrew Tate criticized the British leadership.

Andrew Tate compared London to Dubai, saying that the current leadership in Britain is a joke and that’s why London is failing in every way. The following words of Andrew Tate are:

“It’s falling apart, this is a failed society, everything is falling apart. If you compare London to a city like Dubai, it fails on absolutely every metric because our lead is a joke. You can’t even walk around with a watch in London, it’s disgusting.

He continued:

“We leave our elderly to rot in retirement homes and then say we don’t have enough money for caregivers? ready to work. But nurses would be willing to work at current wages if they believed this country was spending its money wisely.”

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