The Sunderland loan decision that Manchester United simply have to make in the January window

The Sunderland loan decision that Manchester United simply have to make in the January window

Luckily, and we’ve said this a few times over the past few weeks, Amad has been. A recovery run, body in the way, ball out and danger averted. Moments like these that explain his rapid rise in recent weeks as much as the magic he has created on the other end.

After a game against Luton Town, Mowbray described his performance as “amazing”. Mowbray had no doubts about the winger’s technical talent, having joined hands with Patrick Roberts a month earlier to torment Watford in the final stages of a 2-2 draw, but what interested the head coach was that his physical stats are now on topped the charts every time. He has never looked back and the final product followed with spectacular speed. What has also impressed Mowbray is that, while there is still some language barrier, the winger has demonstrated the tactical intelligence to quickly take and implement advice he has given.

Now you only have to look at his teammates to understand his quality and importance – they will try to give him the ball at every possible moment.

With that in mind, it’s not really surprising that North West sources are suggesting Manchester United could consider bringing him back to the club, especially as Erik Ten Hag feels he lacks a natural left foot. As Mowbray would say, the ball often seems to stick to Amad’s ball.

So should fans be worried? Maybe, but as of this writing, keeping the current arrangement in place at least until the end of the season seems like the best option for all parties.

Amad has settled into the squad and into the league to the point where significant playing time is almost a given as long as he stays close to his current form. After a disappointing loan from Rangers, that’s not something to be taken for granted.

Continue down this path for the rest of the season and Manchester United’s hand will only be strengthened. The end goal for his parent club must be to either get a first-team player or eventually get back something close to the fee they spent to take him to the Premier League from Atalanta. In both cases, regular playing time over the next six months is crucial. If Amad’s form continues, he’ll be well placed to push for preseason competition or up the pyramid with his next loan move.

Amad has scored four goals in his last six Sunderland games

Mowbray has spoken about how quickly Harvey Elliott was sidestepped after his loan spell at Blackburn Rovers and at the moment there’s no reason to think Amad couldn’t do the same at at least one top European club.

For now, Sunderland can only enjoy the journey and see where this enormously gifted player will take them in the weeks and months to come. Manchester United would certainly be wise to step down and let the show go on.

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