Windsor’s relegation fears heightened by damaging Haberdashers defeat – Photo 1 of 1

Windsor’s relegation fears heightened by damaging Haberdashers defeat – Photo 1 of 1

Captain Chris Emmett

Captain Chris Emmett still believes Windsor can pull themselves out of relegation troubles this season, but Saturday’s 26-10 defeat at third-bottom Old Haberdashers was a major blow to the bottom’s hopes.

Everything that could have gone wrong on Saturday happened when the team hit traffic on their way to the ground and then carried that lethargy into the game.

The hosts took advantage, racing into a comfortable lead and – hampered by poor discipline that saw three or four players sinning – the Royals collapsed to a disappointing defeat.

“It was frustrating because even though we had a strong roster, we were still missing six or seven first-team players,” Emmett said.

“Maybe we missed some of the people who were gone. We were also late on the bus and had a rushed warm up, which I think leaked out early in the game. We started slowly and got three or four yellow cards in the game, which isn’t ideal.

“Some of those decisions were pretty pedantic but we are very disappointed because we felt that wasn’t a fair reflection of us as a team but fair play to the Haberdashers who I think played really well.

“I thought they were one of the better teams we’ve faced this season but lack of discipline, the absence of some players and a generally sloppy performance all counted against us and we didn’t really take a shot.”

With five of their six games remaining at home park — where they’re traditionally stronger — Emmett believes they still have a good chance of skipping Beaconsfield and Old Haberdashers to avoid relegation. But they now depend on others to do them favors.

Still, Emmett is phlegmatic about the situation and feels the club are making progress both on and off the field – even if the worst happens and they’re relegated this season.

“My honest assessment is that we still want to stay up,” Emmett added. “It will be difficult, but it can be done.

“We have six games and some of them are at home. If we can make most of our players available for those games then we have a chance of winning two or three of them and that will really put us in the game.

“One of the guys said after the game he doesn’t think we’re going to go down because of the quality performances we’ve shown at times this year.

“I’m still very confident that we’ll stay up, but worst case scenario and we don’t stay up, well compare things to last year when we could barely field a second team.

“We’re doing it consistently now. It’s always been a difficult season going into a league with better teams from London after having had quite a turbulent post-Covid period but we have games that we know we can win in the next few weeks so if we can get two or more three wins on the board then we really dig in.

“But we’re also at the mercy of what Old Haberdashers and Beaconsfield are doing.”

Windsor is now five points behind second-bottom Beaconsfield after playing a game more. They face a crucial game at home on Saturday against Amersham & Chiltern, one of the teams still on the way to promotion this season.

“We have a big home game against Amersham & Chiltern this weekend and we should be able to field a strong squad for that.

“I’m focused on staying up but realistically, if the worst has happened and we go down, we just have to get right back up.

“But we don’t think like that now. We’ve got six games to go and we think we can win a good amount of them.

“We’ll try to win every single game and have a lot of home games where we’re usually stronger.”

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