3D mural appears in city centre

3D mural appears in city centre

A 3D mural was unveiled on the floor of Cabot Circus.

The intricate mural is the work of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) as part of a celebration of World Wetlands Day in Bristol.

The mural is on view at Broadmead Shopping Center until 4pm on Thursday.

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The mural depicts a degraded wetland transformed into a thriving habitat teeming with thriving wildlife to remind viewers that 90 per cent of freshwater wetlands in England alone have been lost or destroyed in the last 400 years.

It envisions a ‘blue recreation’ with images of Britain’s wetland wildlife and the biodiversity that lives within the ecosystem, such as curlew and kingfisher, otters and dragonflies.

The mural was created by artists 3D Joe & Max, whose past clients have included Google, Disney, Reebok, Save the Children and Coca-Cola.

WWT Ambassador Kwesia X helps young people across the UK engage with the importance of nature in inner cities – Photo: Jessica Lees

It is hoped that the mural will be educational fun for both adults and children. There are photo opportunities with the mural’s interactive qualities, including standing on the dock, sitting in the boat, or snapping a photo while planting a sprout in the salt marshes.

After Bristol, the mural will travel across the UK to locations that are part of the Blue Recovery Leaders Group, a diverse group of business leaders dedicated to promoting wetlands.

The Blue Recovery campaign began in the wake of the pandemic to support the “creation and restoration of 100,000 hectares of new and restored wetlands. There is a petition people can sign to put this recovery plan into action.

WWT Ambassador Kwesia X and founder of @citygirlinnature spoke to Bristol24/7 about the significance of the mural.

Kwesia X said there is not enough education about the importance of wetlands and the benefits they bring.

“Much of the world relies on wetlands as a primary source of food and water, so you hear those statistics [that 90 per cent of England’s wetlands have been lost or destroyed] makes you think how privileged we are not to know about them when many people need them to survive in general.

“In recent years it’s been hard for people, especially young people, to feel isolated, not going to school, for many young people that’s how they socialize. Being outside and connecting with our mental health stimulates us to see all these different types of wildlife.”

“It’s so important that we come together with the promise and change the narrative. We don’t know how much power we have as humans.”

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust mural will be on view until 4pm on Thursday.

Main Photo: Elliot Cassley

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