Central Office Core Team Created In Bristol Township School District

Central Office Core Team Created In Bristol Township School District

BRISTOL TOWNSHIP, PA – Meet the Bristol Township School District’s new core team.

At its Monday meeting, the school board approved the county’s realignment plan, which included approving the new core headquarters team.

The team consists of Superintendent Michael Nitti, Business Manager John Scavelli, Assistant Superintendent Chris Polzer and a new position as Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

The plan takes effect immediately.

“My goal is to build a strong and effective core headquarters team that will work with the board to ensure the district is well governed, the schools are thriving and our work together promotes student achievement,” said Nitti.

As superintendent, Nitti oversees the school district’s five major administrative areas: financial management, curriculum and instruction, operations, leadership, and human resources. These five areas are then divided among the rest of the core team.

John Scavelli, who begins his tenure as CEO on January 3, will be responsible for financial management and corporate governance, with responsibilities such as payroll and purchasing, transportation, facilities, catering services and financial accounting.

The Board appointed Polzer to a new role as Assistant Superintendent, and his previous position as Administrative Director will be phased out.

As Assistant Superintendent, Polzer will oversee operations and staff with responsibilities including special education; school culture and climate; equity, efficiency and performance; and special projects. He also serves in the Superintendent’s absence.

“I look forward to working with Superintendent Nitti, the school board and all the great leaders throughout the district,” Polzer said. “Every day we will keep the best interests of students in mind, create justice and strive to meet the needs of all learners.”

The final and new position for the core team is that of curriculum and instruction leader.

Responsibilities include professional development, teacher evaluation, assessment and data analysis, state and federal grant administration, and instructional effectiveness.

The school board has approved the job description for this role and the district is beginning an extensive search to fill the role.

“We are looking for an adaptable expert leader who will oversee curriculum and instruction with a sole focus on teaching and learning and what’s going on in the classroom,” said Nitti.
Interested applicants can learn more about this role on the Human Resources page here.

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