Chandos Road could be next Bristol street to be pedestrianised

Chandos Road could be next Bristol street to be pedestrianised

Plans to pedestrianize Chandos Road in Redland have met with widespread support.

But there are already fears that if Chandos Road is closed to cars, traffic could be pushed onto nearby minor streets, although a street known for its food and drink shops probably doesn’t have enough of one either Fill the pedestrian zone with tables and chairs.

News of the road’s pedestrianization in Redland was announced by Cabinet Member for Transport, Labor Councilor Don Alexander, who he hopes can replicate the success of pedestrianizing nearby Cotham Hill in this corner of BS6.

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Alexander also revealed that funding has been secured to make the Cotham Hill pedestrianized area permanent.

The Chandos Road program is funded by WECA, with further proposals to be published and a consultation to take place in the new year.

Chandos Road seen through the bread shop windows – Photo: Martin Booth

Alexander said: “The Cotham Hill pedestrianization trial was a huge success and showed just how popular pedestrianized areas can be.

“I am pleased to report that we have secured funding to make the Cotham Hill pedestrianized area permanent and we will now also seek to introduce a similar program to Chandos Road in Redland.

“I very much hope and expect that the success of Cotham Hill’s pedestrianized precinct can be repeated with Chandos Road. The Chandos Road Festival shows that the road thrives when closed to cars. I hope this will allow us to bring the same benefits as the festival throughout the year.

“Not only will this create more space for the street’s vendors, but it will also free up the street for pedestrians and cyclists, creating a new active travel route through Redland.”

Mr Noodle Izakaya and Ramen Bar is a pop-up restaurant at Otira on Chandos Road, with outdoor seating that’s popular in the summer – Photo: Martin Booth

The Good Measure Pub on Chandos Road is celebrating its fourth birthday with four days of festivities from Thursday to Sunday.

Co-owner Kelly Sidgwick said she welcomes a discussion on how to make the street more welcoming to visitors.

She said: “It’s already such a vibrant area with fantastic companies across a range of sectors – not just hospitality – and we look forward to being involved in the consultation.

“Hopefully residents and businesses sharing the area can both make the most of it.

“There’s already a lot of foot traffic, but narrow sidewalks and a frankly ridiculous lack of bike parking make it less attractive than it could be.

“Policy aimed at improving the built environment for all is definitely to be welcomed.”

In the past, companies didn’t need parking spaces in front of their premises to make money – Photo: Bristol Archives

Today, Chandos Road is one of Bristol’s premier eating and drinking streets – Photo: Martin Booth

Main Photo: Kelly Sidgwick

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