Shoppers flock to flash sale at Shaws shops as fears grow for future of Bristol stores

Shoppers flock to flash sale at Shaws shops as fears grow for future of Bristol stores

Fans of the store have also taken to social media over concerns about the future of the stores

Shoppers flock to Shaws Bristol stores for flash sales, unaware of the long-term future of the popular cloth store. Earlier today, fans of the long-running chain also took to social media over fears the Bristol stores could be closed.

Fishponds, Kingswood and Yate stores, as well as other Shaws stores across the UK, are selling stock at half price and many shelves are already empty. The Fishponds store closed early today due to the overwhelming number of customers.

Bristol world has contacted Shaws headquarters for comment on the future of business, but the company has yet to respond.

Based in Cardiff, the family run business dates back to 1912 and started out in South Wales. It is known for its range of home accessories, including bed linen, pillowcases and curtains, as well as wool and yarn.

There are 28 stores across the UK plus Shaws Direct online store. A Shaws store in Stroud, Gloucestershire closed last year.

When Bristol world When he visited the nearly 50-year-old Kingswood store, there were lines of bargain hunters, many buying large quantities at half price.

Employees we spoke to had not been notified of any plans to close the store, only asked to hold the flash sale.

Shoppers line up at Shaws, a Kingswood landmark for nearly 50 years

At the Kingswood store, more than 20 people lined the center of the store with nearly empty shelves. There was 50% off everything, with further discounts on some items such as balls of yarn, originally £1.95 but now selling for 50p.

Kevin Newport, 58, came out with several towels. He has been shopping at the store for 40 years. “It’s terrible,” he said. “I feel for the staff, they have no idea what’s going on. The stock is being cleared and they haven’t heard anything from above.”

Sandra Radfield, 67, has shopped at the store for 46 years. She said: “This time of year it’s the last thing you want to see. It’s very sad.”

Not far away in Fishponds, the company’s store was so packed with shoppers that it closed an hour early at 3pm. An employee tells Bristol world They had received no communication from headquarters.

Shaws in Fishponds closed early after being such a busy day with its flash sale

Inside, little stock was left on the store’s shelves. It opens again tomorrow at 10 a.m. Fishponds shop customers also took to social media to express their concern and sadness that Shaws stores could be closed.

Helen Whitehead said: “It’s been such a useful outlet for so long – friendly and very economical too. We’ll miss it.” Nicola Davies added, “Oh no, Shaws have been around for years. I will miss this store.”

Customer Nicola Young said she went to the Fishponds store with her grandmother as a child and still visits it 45 years later. “I will miss this store very much, have good memories,” she added.

Empty shelves at Shaw’s Kingswood branch that had a flash sale

Gail Brown said: “I love Shaws and the staff are so lovely, a big loss for Fishponds. Have bought quite a bit there lately but commented that they haven’t had the usual Christmas supplies lately.”

Customers of Shaws stores in Bath, Trowbridge, Cardiff and Penarth also expressed similar views about the potential loss of their local stores.

Linda Leo said she was at the Penarth store last week and staff said they had not been informed of possible closures but “they were concerned as they hadn’t been given any new stock and were told to scale back everything “.

Penarth customer Lorraine Barrett said: “They said the store will close once everything is sold. From what they said the owners are also devastated as it appears to be related to transportation issues.”

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