The Bristol Press – Glastonbury blows by Plainville, sending Blue Devils to 0-2

The Bristol Press – Glastonbury blows by Plainville, sending Blue Devils to 0-2

PLAINVILLE — The Plainville Blue Devils fell to 2-0 on Monday night after losing to Glastonbury 82-59. While the Blue Devils tried to stem the Guardians’ high-flying offense, Plainville just couldn’t keep up.

Behind the Glastonbury trio of Adam Molusis, Connor O’Leavy and David Smith, the Guardians presented a challenge that Plainville’s young core could not eclipse.

Though a 2-0 start isn’t what the Blue Devils envisioned, coach Jim DiNeilo said that overall he enjoyed the effort his team put in throughout the game.

“The effort was definitely there,” DiNeilo said. “I feel like we played with high energy from start to finish. Even in the ups and downs of the game, I don’t think there was much change, so that’s a big plus.”

DiNeilo said after losing to Bristol Eastern last week, the team has had that experience and learned from it. He said those lessons learned were displayed against Glastonbury.

“There haven’t been too many positive results from Bristol Eastern but I think we’ve learned from that and I think our lads have realized that the varsity pace and speed is at a level that they need to be at,” said he. “Over time, I know we’re going to get better, especially after tonight. It’s something to build on. We just have to get better every day.

For most of the night, Plainville wasn’t able to do much offensively. DiNeilo said the offense was a little too stagnant. He said it’s to be expected with the young group but it’s an area that needs improvement.

He said that although only two players have returned from last season, everyone must understand that they have to move without the ball.

“We need more ball movement and body movement. We need to be more fluid on offense and not stand around so much,” he said. “Everyone has to move, and especially because we’re not a big size, all of our guys have to flow as one.”

When it comes to the size of Plainville compared to Glastonbury, the Guardians overshadowed and dominated the glass for much of the night. There wasn’t much the Blue Devils could do to stop the bigger, faster, and stronger Guardians.

DiNeilo said Glastonbury are a big, strong team with a size the Plainville squad hasn’t seen before. He said the Blue Devils will see more teams like this, but to fight their greatness they need to be tougher.

“I’m really trying to bring some toughness to these guys because as we saw tonight we got killed on the glass,” he said. “I understand we’re going to be playing against teams that are bigger, stronger and faster, but if we can change our mentality to be extra tough, I think we can fight some of that.”

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