Death in Paradise star talks real-life friendship with co-star

Death in Paradise star talks real-life friendship with co-star

Ralf Little has played DI Neville Parker since Season 9 death in paradiseand it turns out he gained a “best pal” from his time on the show.

Little appeared in tonight’s episode (December 22) of The One Showand talked about his death in paradise Experience.

Very sweetly, he took the time to express his admiration for Don Warrington (Commissioner Selwyn Patterson) and shared that the two have developed a very close friendship.

Death in Paradise stars Ralf Little and Don Warrington

Denis Guyenon/Red PlanetBBC

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When asked by presenter Ronan Keating if the pair were “best friends,” he joked, “I hope so!” He explained that he wished Warrington would say the same thing about their friendship if asked.

Describing Warrington further, Little exclaimed, “He’s just the best. He’s a brilliant actor, of course, but he’s so cool. When I grow up I want to be Don Warrington.

“He’s just slick, funny, he’s pretty relentless – a bit like the commissioner – but there’s definitely a twinkle in his eye too.”

He concluded, “He’s a great man. I feel very, very privileged to work with him.”

Working with your best friend on a Caribbean island doesn’t sound bad, does it?

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Little also shared a bit more about the Christmas special that will air on Boxing Day.

He explained that the episode has a running time of 90 minutes, which means it feels a bit like a movie and allows them to “do something a little different in tone.”

He also hinted that the episode will be “surprisingly scary,” with a “Dickensian ghost story” vibe.

The plot will also kickstart a new storyline for his character, according to the episode synopsis: “After a chance encounter in an airport parking lot, could Neville Parker finally be in the air for love?”

Romances on the show and bromances behind the scenes. A perfect combination.

death in paradise returns on Boxing Day on BBC One, followed by Series 12 from 6 January 2023. A spin-off, Beyond Paradiseis in production.

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