Michael Conlan has shown he has the power for another crack at world title dream

Michael Conlan has shown he has the power for another crack at world title dream

Michael Conlan has big things to look forward to again after impressing against Karim Guerfi ​​at the SSE Arena last weekend.

was expecting Guerfi ​​to give rounds to Conlan as he is by no means a bad fighter, one who is reasonably tough and commandeered Jordan Gill before being KO’d.

Still, I expected Mick to win the fight well, although I didn’t think it would be over as quickly as the first round.

He has two fights just below world level since losing Leigh Wood and should now be looking to continue against one of the featherweight champions.

The nature of last week’s win was also quite important as it proved he has power. We all know how highly skilled he is as a fighter and he would rank as one of the most capable I’ve seen in terms of what he can do, but there were always questions about his strength when he addressed the weight by all accounts he blew people away at the gym.

That suggested he could crack with some extra weight, but last Saturday was an example of what he can do when he puts his feet down and lets his shots go.

The rematch with Wood is a fight that jumps out straight away, but then the Nottingham man will look elsewhere, aiming for a unification shot having just been cleared with Leo Santa Cruz due to his inability to gain weight win (why are fighters elevated and not created to earn their titles in the ring?).

There seem to be other options as Luis Alberto Lopez’s win over Josh Warrington for the IBF title puts the Mexican in the frame as he and Conlan are both promoted from Top Rank.

But that’s for another day and should Mick get another shot at Wood he will have plenty of confidence despite the March defeat. He seems to have exorcised some demons that may have been present because while it’s a great fight to watch, the way he was knocked out in the final round can raise doubts. The two wins since then will have put them to bed.

His ambition has always been to become world champion and although he suffered that setback in March, perhaps in time he will look back on that night and feel it was a blessing in disguise.

There was a good win for Sean McComb over Zsolt Osadan as he captured the WBO Euro Welterweight title.

Ranked titles are criticized, but that belt will get Sean a top 15 spot in the WBO, and after a defense or two he can crack the top 10. Then anything can happen when it comes to a world title, so this win will give him a chance to go under the names.

Josh Warrington lost his IBF featherweight title to Mexican Luis Alberto Lopez in Leeds last weekend, but the result certainly didn’t come as a shock.

We knew Lopez could fight and after speaking to a few people the consensus was it was an uphill fight to name him.

When you have away fighters who aren’t household names, many people assume it’s going to be an easy night for an established name like Josh Warrington, but that’s not the case when you’ve got clumsy style and Lopez does that in addition to one Gute had punch and in the end I felt he was a worthy winner.

Josh has once again received a lot of criticism for his use of the head, but I don’t recall the same criticism when we fought, although my head was like a slap up afterwards!

Using his head is something he’s always seemed to get away with, but that’s starting to change. He bangs his head forward and seems to camouflage it pretty well but if you can get away with it then boxing is a case of win at all costs so good luck to him.

I would imagine Lopez and many others, including the media, are now starting to draw attention to it, so the umpires seem to be taking notice.

That aside it wasn’t a good performance from Josh and there could be a feeling that he’s at the same level I was when we were fighting – only on the way down as he’s been at a high level for so long but it’s hard to stay there.

I’m not saying this is the end for him but it will be difficult for him to recover from that but should Mick Conlan not be able to win a world title fight next maybe that could be done like it’s a monster fight.

Teofimo Lopez was very disappointing against Sandor Martin and was a little lucky to get the nod for a split decision.

Along with Kiko Martinez and Kerman Lejarraga, Spanish boxing has never been in a healthier place that I can remember and it could have been better again as I felt Martin had done enough to win last weekend .

It was a close fight and being the bigger name and home fighter Lopez seemed to get the tighter rounds which I always think is wrong as a fight should only be judged by what happens. But he was knocked out by a light welterweight punch, and while he was a killer as a lightweight, I think other light welterweights like Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall will look at that performance and have little qualms.

It came as no surprise that Naoya Inoue became the undisputed bantamweight champion on Tuesday when he clinched Paul Butler’s WBO title to complete the set.

Like most, I expected this to be over in a few rounds, but it seemed Butler’s goal was to stay in the fight rather than win it, and that made it difficult for Inoue to put a dent in until he walked through the gears in the 11th round.

He’s a vicious fighter so Paul can be proud of staying in the fight this long, but Inoue was never concerned and put on a little show.

“The Monster” is now a three-weight champion and there is a suggestion that he will now be promoted to super bantamweight. If he was standing next to him he wouldn’t look out of place in this department as he’s not a little guy.

A fight with Stephen Fulton would be huge but I’m not sure if he would be the favorite this time as Fulton would be the bigger man and is also a good fighter but Inoue has done it all at bantamweight and maybe now is the time for that Set goals. He’s a man you don’t fight unless you’re made to.

Terence Crawford is at the top of the sport and he proved it again with his sixth-round KO of David Avanesyan last weekend.

Nobody expected Avanesyan to win but sometimes a good performance is enough to hold his own against a name but that was easy for Crawford and it has more to do with his own quality than anything else.

The knockout was textbook with a shoulder block followed by an uppercut and a left hook. The biomechanics were perfect and as perfect as you will see in terms of technical ability and build.

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