Steve Backshall reveals Helen Glover inspires him to stay fit

Steve Backshall reveals Helen Glover inspires him to stay fit

Steve Backshall shared his secrets to staying fit and healthy as he nears 50 (Image: Men’s Fitness)

Steve Backshall turned 50 last month and admitted he’s turning to fellow two-time Olympic gold medalist Helen Glover for motivation to stay in shape as she gets older.

The adventurer, who will celebrate his milestone birthday in April, made his name on BBC’s Deadly 60 overcoming natural obstacles and confronting dangerous animals.

In September 2016, the outdoors presenter tied the knot with Olympic rower Helen Glover in Cornwall and the couple, who are now parental twins Kit and Willow, 3, and Logan, 9.

Despite aging a year, the sports channel insisted that with his wife’s help he would stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.

He explained that the professional rower gave him the time to train by taking care of the kids and taught him that intense training could be done in minutes.

Steve told Men’s Fitness, “Helen would workout three times a day if she could, but with three kids that never happens.

Steve Backshall.

Steve opened up about his workout routine in a new cover shoot (Image: Men’s Fitness / Eddie Macdonald)

Steve Backshall.

Steve was the cover star of the popular men’s health magazine (Image: Men’s Fitness / Eddie Macdonald

Steve Backshall.

The explorer admitted he turns to his wife for inspiration for the workout (Picture: Men’s Fitness / Eddie Macdonald)

“So she taught me that you can do a really intense circuit in just five minutes.”

The explorer went on to explain why he strayed from a rigorous exercise regimen: “I don’t plan on rest days.

“They just happen on the days when I can’t train for some reason.”

“Calisthenics gives you a really good strength-to-bodyweight ratio, strength and flexibility,” he claimed, is his secret for training at his age to avoid complications, “and I’ve found that I’m less prone to injury am and more able to use my power in the real world.’

The star has been vocal in the past about the importance of regular exercise in his life and that of his young family.

Steve Backshall.

He revealed his Olympian wife taught him how to maximize his time (Image: Men’s Fitness / Eddie Macdonald)

Steve Backshall.

Helen looks after their three children while Steve hits the gym (Picture: Men’s Fitness / Eddie Macdonald)

The keen adventurer has co-authored a book with his wife Helen on how to keep the little ones entertained by outdoor activities.

Speaking of Wildlings, the famous face of The Irish Times said: “It’s really well documented how much people, especially young people, gain from nature and how much they can lose by disconnecting from it.

“You can see the change in children as soon as they get outside and do something fun, active and different and something that challenges them in a variety of ways.

“But not everyone has infinite ideas about how to do it and how to make it work, and that’s why we’re here.”

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