“Work hard” is a 92-year-old Stratfordian’s advice to the younger generation

“Work hard” is a 92-year-old Stratfordian’s advice to the younger generation

A 92 YEAR OLD retired civil engineer from Stratford shares his advice with the younger generation.

Jim Leighfield, a resident of Ambleside Care Home on Evesham Road, has been sharing careers advice with team members’ children as part of a new intergenerational project – Wisdom Booths.

The Wisdom Booths initiative sees Care UK homes across the UK passing their advice on to younger generations after a national survey found 88 per cent of people across the country are grateful for what they have been told by their elders and 56 percent always rely on them for advice, no matter their age.

Jim shared his expert advice and tips for a long and prosperous career from his time in the railroad industry.

His advice was: “You have to work hard in school because nowadays my job would require you to go to university” and “If you have a dream job in mind, study the relevant subjects that will help you get that dream job”.

Jim studied at the Brixton School of Building for three years and dedicated his time to earning his National Certificate in Structural Engineering – he also did an internship to gain experience in his final year.

He moved to Stratford in 1962 where he began his career in the railway sector, becoming a civil engineer for steel railway bridges in Cornwall and Devon before doing his national service for two years. He was employed as an air traffic controller. After completing his service, Jim designed and helped build bridges across the A38 near Ivybridge for the Great Western Railway, now called British Rail.

Staci Reeson, Customer Relations Manager at Ambleside added: “Intergenerational activities are a big part of life here at Ambleside and it was fantastic to be able to sit down with team members’ children to discuss the career advice Jim had to share from his own experience .

“Intergenerational relations have proven to be incredibly fulfilling as they give younger and older generations a chance to learn from each other. These connections can be especially helpful for older people, as they can provide meaning and stimulate discussion about their lives.

“We would like to say a big thank you to the children of the teams for coming and participating and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to the home soon.”

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