Report finds 150 North East care homes are ‘failing’ after CQC rating

Report finds 150 North East care homes are ‘failing’ after CQC rating

A damning report released by an independent inspection body has found that nearly half of care homes in the North East are “failing” their residents.

In a 12-month period ending December 1, 2021, 150 care homes were found to “fail” according to data from Independent Care Inspections (ICI).

After inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), their findings showed that 42.7 percent of these care homes were rated “inadequate” or “in need of improvement.”

During the same period, the report found that only two of the nursing homes in the Northeast achieved an “outstanding” rating.

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Kevin Groombridge, Managing Director of ICI, said: “These figures show that the quality of care homes in the North East of England still has some way to go.

“This news will worry the family and friends of care home residents, but it should also be reassuring to know that the Care Quality Commission is doing its job by identifying underperforming homes.

“A rating of ‘needs improvement’ or ‘poor’ should be a wake-up call to the operators of these care homes that things need to change quickly.

“Providing ‘outstanding’ residential care is rooted in the discipline of following best practices, policies and procedures, with ongoing audits to ensure a high level of care is maintained.”

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Meanwhile, the independent body said its main goal is to support care homes to improve care and ensure better outcomes for residents.

It offers a guarantee that regulatory ratings will improve, through an evidence-based approach rather than a judgment-based approach by state regulators.

Additionally, its reports provide “authoritative and objective evidence” that supports nursing home improvement plans by identifying strengths and weaknesses, risk factors and the effectiveness of risk management.

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“Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start,” added Mr Groombridge.

“Having a trusted partner able to review your policies and practices without bias and then provide guidance to stabilize the ship can go a long way in setting the course to excellence.”

They said they also provide reliable, evidence-based information for prospective residents and their families when making a placement decision.

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