Drunk woman threw pint glass at bartender after he wouldn’t serve her

Drunk woman threw pint glass at bartender after he wouldn’t serve her

Leah Brosnan on the phone.

Leah Brosnan has been ordered to complete another nine-month alcohol treatment program (Image: Cavendish Press)

A woman who threw a pint glass at a bartender for refusing her alcohol because she was already drunk has escaped from prison.

Roy Irving refused to serve Leah Brosnan, 29, when she entered Edwards Wine Bar at Hadfield railway station in Derbyshire in May.

Prosecutor Tineka O’Mara said: “Miss Brosnan has been quite difficult with the manager.

“She picked up coasters and started throwing them around, screaming and cursing.

“She called him a ‘fucking motherfucker.’ She refused to leave the premises and threw a pint pot on the manager’s direction.

“Luckily he moved and the beer mug hit the bar behind him and smashed. He tried to get her out of the bar.

“He was concerned for his own safety. If it had hit him, it would have caused significant injury.

Leah Brosnan takes a selfie in a car.

Brosnan’s lawyer told the court about her “very difficult upbringing” (Image: Cavendish Press)

Leah Brosnan, a Ladette lout who escaped from prison after agreeing to get treatment for alcohol problems, has been released after throwing a beer glass at a pub owner in a fit of rage when he refused to serve her because he was drunk.  Disclaimer: Whilst Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd will use its best efforts to ascertain the copyright and authenticity of all images supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of any images supplied.  The publication of images is entirely at your discretion.  The terms and conditions can be found at http://www.cavendish-press.co.uk/pages/terms-and-conditions.aspx

The 29-year-old called the manager a “fucking jerk” and then threw him a pint (Image: Cavendish Press)

“Not only was he concerned for his own safety, but also for the customers who were still in the bar.”

Brosnan eventually left the pub and was later arrested on April 13. She pleaded guilty to joint assault and trespassing on the railroad.

Tameside Magistrates Court heard the outbreak come just eight months after Brosnan was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment plan – after she was prosecuted last September for attempting to kick and bite a police officer.

At the time, she claimed she had anxiety and depression and insisted she needed help drinking.

Her defense attorney for the latest offense described Brosnan’s “very difficult upbringing”.

He said: “She was bullied, abused very badly and it continued when she went to college. There is a reference to her father’s suicide. She still suffers from PTSD related to her father’s abuse and death.

“Your mother is not very well. She is a drug addict and has depression. She has allowed Miss Brosnan to use her address as a care-of address, but they are nowhere near.

“I’m looking at the offense. It’s not a pleasant offense. It’s bad. It’s not right that people should do that.

“If they have problems, they need treatment. That’s what they should do – get their problems treated.”

Brosnan was ordered to complete another nine-month alcohol treatment program and pay Mr Irving £50 in compensation.

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