All the drama that’s kicked off this last month

All the drama that’s kicked off this last month

No, I can’t believe we’re back either – but we are. The MAFS UK drama, gossip, tea and chaotic carnage just never stops – and it’s time for the THIRD recap of everything that’s happened since the show ended a few months ago. In this final month, the gossip continued before and after the long-awaited Christmas gathering. Here’s everything you missed.

Zoe and Jenna are thinking about getting married in the future!

The MAFS UK success story of the year starts happily and continues. In an interview with Hitched, Jenna said the following about her and Zoe’s future.

“I think there will possibly be a moment in the future where me or Zoe will want to propose. I laughed and said, “I’m going to propose to you,” and she was like, “Don’t you dare!”

“Of course I want the most sustainable wedding ever. I want everything vegan. I can picture this beautiful, wholesome day where we’ll all go out in the mornings, put up fairy lights and homemade decorations, but we’ll see how much I can get Zoe on board… You don’t get that feeling in relationships. I’m usually the one who doesn’t care, but this feels real.”

Matt and Dan of 2021 are breaking up

Dan and Matt broke the news of their split to MAFS UK fans on Instagram and posted a joint announcement which read: “As you all know we’ve had an incredible adventure together over the past two years giving each other every opportunity to make things work as a couple, but over the last few months we’ve realized that we’re actually better as friends.

“Breakups are never easy, even when they’re amicable, but we can’t thank you enough for your support and kindness after our journey together.

“There is nothing between us but love and good energy and we feel very fortunate to have found each other in our lives. Unfortunately not as a couple! And even though we have parted ways, we will always support each other.”

Thomas came out as pansexual

Not really gossip, but important news for the round-up – Thomas came out just ahead of the MAFS UK Christmas meeting, letting us all know in a powerful insta post that he’s not gay, but is pansexual. “I came out as gay when I was 15, but prior to the show I realized that I was attracted to all genders and have become more fluid with my gender and liberated in my sexuality. I now understand that I am pansexual.

“Although I deal more with dating cis and trans men, I also find cis and trans women attractive. I am at the beginning of this journey and I am more confident than ever. However, pansexuality is not difficult to understand – rather than being offended I would rather help people understand it and learn with resources and education.

“Thank you for supporting me during MAFS and after – you helped give me the confidence to live in my truth. I did quite a bit during my ex-husband’s homestay, but obviously they need to condense the hours of filming into one hour.”

We’re so proud that Thomas is living his truth and staying true to his authentic self – and bringing awareness and education to what it means to be pansexual.

Adrian described marriage to Thomas as “a really difficult chess game”.

Speaking to OK Mag ahead of the Christmas get together, Adrian opened up about what the marriage was like and the state of his and Thomas’ relationship now. “I was a rabbit in the headlights – I could see exactly what this man was when I saw him. It was like playing a really difficult game of chess. You never know exactly what you’re going to do next.

“One minute we’re best friends and the afternoon we’re blocked. And then it’s good again. I’ll have to wait and see to be honest.”

Chanita says she likes Miles from Made in Chelsea

Chanita said her 2023 resolution was to find “a fit man” after the unsuccessful journey she had with Jordan on the show, then said her celebrity crush was Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire. Fair play.

Gemma was taken to hospital and said she almost died

Taking to her Instagram story, Gemma said: “I’m still in the best of hands here. The doctors and nurses at Torbay were fantastic.

“Out of my recovery and on my overnight antibiotics and more fluids. I honestly can’t think enough of the doctors and nurses at Torbay, especially Hollie and Joy in recovery who have looked after me so well. I will always say trust your gut and trust how you are feeling, especially when the outcome could have been fatal.”

Gemma then shared a picture of her on an IV and said: “Wow the staff at Warrington Station were absolutely amazing.

“Thank you to my nurses, I was in such bad shape emotionally and physically. I’m nervous and excited to be going home but can’t wait to be reunited with the kids and I’m so incredibly grateful that they took my situation as seriously as they did.”

Sophie and Adrian’s live drama on Instagram

Finally, Marilyse shared a screenshot of a nasty real-life comment on her Instagram Story with the MAFS UK gossip roundup, saying that Johnathan’s much publicized comments about what body shapes he’s attracted to are at odds with his attraction to Amy . Marilyse said: “Really sad to witness an Instagram live between two cast members last night while the comments @thatsportsspice (Amy) were body shaming / derogatory and the comments left!

“I would have thought the ‘MAFS family’ would know better by now. Shame on everyone involved. Amy is beautiful inside and out. She is a curvy, petite young woman who inspires many girls and shouldn’t and shouldn’t be ashamed of her body.”

Amy then added in another story: “Sophie is a beautiful girl. I don’t have any negative feelings towards her as I hope she doesn’t have it for me. It’s a shame that another curvy girl who also received negative comments about height didn’t show solidarity and immediately closed the comments.

MAFS UK gossip summary

Sophie responded to her Instagram story with a video, saying: “I’m not one to comment on situations that much, but when it comes to body image I will definitely be there. I was made aware of some comments that have been made about life and no one should have to go through that. I know exactly how it feels, which makes it worse. I was called chubby and fat throughout the show. Whatever someone’s intentions, there was a conversation about my body type on the show. I’ve had this backlash and I know how it feels.

“It’s a very painful thing to deal with and it’s a very sensitive subject. I do not condone behavior directed at anyone, anyone commenting on another person’s body online is appalling. Who is someone commenting on someone’s height? It’s so difficult because there was a situation where someone said what their preferences are and now that’s used where people are compared and people’s heights are talked about. I never wanted to belong.

“I would never want something like that near or on my side, I like to have a positive platform. Body image is something very sensitive for many people and should not be talked about.”

MAFS UK gossip summary

Adrian also responded to his story, saying: “I’m not exactly sure what was said, it was in the comments section on Live. I’ve asked for screen recordings so I can see who said it and I can block them on Instagram. I wish Marilyse would have told me then so I could have closed it.

“I will never condone this hate on the internet and I hope we can continue to be kind in the future.”

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