Social media users let down by Devon House ‘spruce up’ | News

Social media users let down by Devon House ‘spruce up’ | News

A beautification project undertaken by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) at one of Jamaica’s historic landmarks, Devon House, has suffered a major backlash from people on social media.

Many individuals, mostly Jamaicans, who appreciate the property that was the architectural dream of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel, have expressed outrage at how the developers reduced the green space with brick and concrete.

A tweet featuring a photo of the courtyard of the St Andrew lot from Mona Division Councilor Andrew Bellamy has received over 500 quote tweets with people giving their opinion on whether the green spaces should have been changed.

“Mixed opinions have been expressed regarding the refurbishment work at Devon House. I stopped by today and was impressed. This is a much needed upgrade which will enhance and preserve the royal premises. It flows better, welcomes heavy foot traffic and is very welcoming”, Bellamy tweeted.

Some of the quote tweets in response said:

“I hate it so much when all of Jamaica is unnuh done.” – @miIayonce

“I cannot believe or accept that your post is sincere. This is a farce. I hope these changes are reverted in the near future.” – @butterstreete

“It will be the new public community space in the heart of the city. It will be the city’s new living room. Naysayers will be impressed when it’s finished. Some just can’t see the vision. Others just can’t handle the change Good.” – @Zemi66

“I’m at a loss as to what might have impressed you. Is it the color of the bricks or the lack of greenery or just the open space? It’s a shame to be totally honest.” – @leacroft_forden

“Could have done better with the green space to be honest. Can you imagine the heat on the bricks in summer?” – @RetiredTroll_

“The beautiful green has been replaced with lifeless harshness…I think that’s a mistake. Kingston is already done and all we want to do is remove green space.” – @TimSim_Tatz

“Looks great!” – @peterissaja

When Tourism Secretary Edmund Bartlett laid the groundwork for the beautification project in March, he noted that Devon House holds a significant place in the history of Kingston and St Andrew as it has one of the largest recreational green spaces and the site generates tremendous interest as the House is well preserved to allow guided tours.

He said the beautification project aims to position Kingston, particularly Devon House, “as the gastronomic hub of the Caribbean.”

-Ainsworth Morris

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