bournemouth: Chris Billam-Smith considering achieving world title at Bournemouth after knockout victory

bournemouth: Chris Billam-Smith considering achieving world title at Bournemouth after knockout victory

After a sensational KO win on Saturday, Chris Billam-Smith is considering a World Cup match at Vitality Stadium, home of his esteemed AFC Bournemouth.

After overcoming some initial difficulties, British cruiserweight Billam-Smith stopped Armend Xhoxhaj in the fifth round. He finished off the Kosovar with a barrage of short jabs and a vicious right hook that knocked his opponent to the mat.

Then, after receiving medical attention, Xhoxhaj was fortunately able to get up.

Billam-Smith said after his second straight win at the Bournemouth International Center he didn’t concentrate enough at the start and was caught with a couple of stupid shots. Later he made it work anyway, adjusted it and put it in the corner. He added that he was irritated because he shouldn’t have been caught with those photos. He timed it perfectly, even though he saw it coming. In the end he couldn’t prepare.

Government ‘turns on nurses’? Strike on Thursday to continue

Government ‘turns on nurses’? Strike on Thursday to continue

Nurses strike

The nurses’ union, which called for the strikes, said the government was “belligerent” and would not negotiate wages, so the strikes would go ahead on Thursday.

The negotiations

Previously, No. 10 said Health Secretary Steve Barclay was unwilling to negotiate a new salary offer for nurses. However, it was felt that other parts of nurses’ work might be up for discussion.

Billam-Smith then focused on his upcoming fight, which he hoped would take place at Premier League side AFC Bournemouth’s stadium, preferably with a global title on the line.

Billam-Smith urged fans to Dean Court and let’s win a world title, a nod to Vitality Stadium by its former moniker.

Boxxer’s promoter Ben Shalom went on to say he will be back at the stadium in the summer. Also, he said that everyone would witness all the world championship fights in Great Britain. To see him fight for a global title in Bournemouth will be wonderful.

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. Which players are interested in fighting in the WBC championship?
    Both Chris Billam-Smith and Jai Opetaia are interested in the WBC championship.
  2. How old is Billiam Smith?
    Billiam Smith is 32 years old.

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