Dorset Mind hosts events for ‘Time To Talk Day’

Dorset Mind hosts events for ‘Time To Talk Day’

The charity says, “The power of talking often makes people feel better.”

Author: Faye TryhornPublished 3 hours ago

The Dorset Mind charity held local events across the county for Time To Talk Day to help people open up to each other.

As the “nationally largest conversation about mental health” takes place every year, it’s a day when everyone comes together to “talk, listen and change lives”.

The goal is to get people talking and to help them learn about other local services that can help with their mental health.

The Lantern Trust hosted one of the local events with a drop in session.

Dorset Mind’s David Sutherland says talking about everything is vital to people’s mental health

The local charity helps vulnerable and marginalized people in the Weymouth and Portland area.

David Sutherland, a team leader at Dorset Mind, attended the event at the foundation to help direct people to resources and services in the local community:

“Even if they don’t talk specifically about their mental health — if they’re talking about their favorite topic, which might be football, or their children’s school, or their hobbies and sports — we often feel good when we have these pleasant conversations.”

Dot who has been attending drop-ins at the Lantern Trust for over 4 years.

She first turned to them for help when she had nowhere to go. Since then, they have helped her move to a new apartment and live independently.

Dot has been going to drop-in sessions for a number of years and feels they have made a huge difference

Dot often visits the hub during the week for support and to talk to others who attend physical health services. and for tea and toast:

“People don’t talk to each other enough. I’ve noticed Covid people talking… it’s just interesting to do something for an hour or two… it keeps you awake instead of feeling depressed.”

Lantern Trust CEO Mike Graham says the hub removes “barriers” people face when trying to get help by having a range of different agencies and services available in one place:

“We see people as a whole. Being physically unwell can often be detrimental to your mental health. So we believe it’s really important to have a support offering that covers all aspects of a person’s life.”

Mike also emphasizes the importance of talking to each other:

“In the past, people were ashamed to talk about what was going on with their mental health. We all understand that when we’re struggling in life, it’s one of the hardest things to do, but the best thing for us is to talk about how we’re feeling.”

Events were also held at two Mind stores in their Winton and Christchurch stores and at the Trussell Trust’s Bournemouth Foodbank.

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