Tatler’s “it” girl was an aristocratic daughter of a Queen’s page who is missing along with her lover and a newborn

Tatler’s “it” girl was an aristocratic daughter of a Queen’s page who is missing along with her lover and a newborn

Before she was separated from her wealthy family, the aristocratic daughter of a former Queen’s page was a “highly gifted” actress who “could have gone very far,” according to a former classmate.

Constance Marten, Mark Gordon and their newborn child have been missing for ten days after they were seen walking their burning vehicle as they left the M61 near Bolton on January 5.

The Metropolitan Police and Essex Police joined Greater Manchester Police in their search after the pair were observed in Harwich Port, Essex, and East Ham underground station in Newham, east London.

Officials are increasingly concerned for the well-being of the woman and child, who have not been seen by medical staff since birth.

Constance Marten (pictured) was a “highly gifted” actress who, according to a former classmate, “could have gone very far” before estranging herself from her wealthy family.

Ms Marten and her companion Mark Gordon have been missing since January 5th when their vehicle broke down and caught fire on the M61. The couple were spotted fleeing the motorway on foot with their child.

Ms. Marten comes from a wealthy landowning family with royal family ties.Ms Marten and her partner Mark Gordon have been missing since January 5 after their car broke down and caught fire on the M61.  The couple were seen leaving the motorway on foot with their newborn

Her grandmother, Mary Anna Marten, was the late Queen Mother’s goddaughter and her father, Napier Marten, was a page to Queen Elizabeth.

Before being separated from her family, who owned the Crichel estate in Dorset, Ms Marten was an It girl in 2008 when she appeared on Tatler fashion magazine’s Babe of the Month page.

During the conversation, the mother, who has since disappeared, emphasized her fondness for the Swiss Alps and her charity work in Nepal.

Ms Marten (pictured) and her companion have been missing for ten days despite many sightings, particularly in Essex and East London.

At around 11.45am on Saturday 7th January, police released this photo showing Constance Marten and Mark Gordon outside East Ham railway station.

She described cider as “one of my five a day” and revealed plans to have a turtle tattoo on the sole of her foot, according to The Sunday Times.

Police released this picture of Constance Marten and Mark Gordon outside East Ham train station around 11.45am on Saturday 7 January

Before moving to London and enrolling at East 15 drama school in Essex, she dabbled in journalism and won awards for her photography while attending the University of Leeds.

An old acquaintance and classmate of the missing woman told the Sunday Times: “She was lovely, full of life, full of generosity and incredibly talented.”

She may have reached great heights. She was very talented.

Former classmates at Ms Martens drama school in Essex, East 15, described her as a “very fine actress” who “could have gone far”.

At around 9am on Saturday, Ms Marten was reportedly spotted wrapped in a crimson blanket near Harwich Port, Essex.

Who are the ancestors of Constance Marten?

Constance Marten and her partner Mark Gordon have been missing since January 5.

Police are concerned for the well-being of her and her newborn child as they have not been examined by medical professionals.

Mrs. Marten is the granddaughter of the late Queen Mother’s goddaughter, Mary Anna Marten.

Historically the family owned the Crichel estate in Dorset.

Miss Marten’s great-grandfather was Captain Napier Sturt, the third and last Baron Alington.Former classmates at Ms Marten's East 15 drama school in Essex said she was a

Her father, Napier Marten, was a page to Queen Elizabeth and renounced the £115million family fortune, claiming a voice in his head was urging him to shave his head and move to Australia.

Toby Marten, a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, and Mary Anna, daughter and heiress to the third Baron Alington, were Napier Marten’s parents.

The Independent explained last night that Mary Anna has close ties to the royal family, having attended the Brownies group at Buckingham Palace with Princess Margaret.

Ms. Marten received an OBE in 1980 and was appointed Trustee of the British Museum after a world-spanning archaeological career. She died in 2010.

Ms Marten is believed to have been seen wrapped in a red blanket at 9am on Saturday in Harwich Port, Essex

She inherited the sprawling Crichel House estate from her father, who died in 1940 while serving on active duty in North Africa.

After Napier Marten gave up his fortune and embarked on a world tour, the 5,000-acre estate was to pass to his eldest son Max, Constance’s younger brother.

In 2013 the house was bought by the American millionaire Richard Chilton.

The course was reportedly paid for with funds from a multi-million pound trust held at C. Hoare & Co, the UK’s oldest private bank.

The Sunday Times said the “excellent actress” left theater school in 2016 after a falling out with her tutor, the same year she apparently began living with Mark Gordon in Ilford, east London.

Born in Birmingham and raised in Florida, Mr Gordon returned to the UK in 2010.

It is believed that Ms. Marten was separated from her family because of her relationship with Gordon; nevertheless, she should continue to have access to her family’s funds.

According to the couple’s neighbors in Ilford, they were “mysterious” and were rarely seen gardening or conversing with others.

According to the source, Marten had a few odd jobs, but Gordon was unemployed.

After being evicted from their home in Ilford, the couple moved to the Coldharbour Estate in south-east London.

However, in August last year the couple were evicted from the flat for a second time after a court hearing for failing to pay the rent and causing tens of thousands of pounds in property damage.

It is not known where they were between August and January of this year.

Marten and Gordon were last seen leaving East Ham railway station in East London at around 11:45am on January 7.

Marten had been spotted in Harwich Port and Colchester earlier that day.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the duo are believed to have paid cash to travel first to Liverpool and then to Essex, perhaps by taxi.

Detective Superintendent Lewis Basford, who is leading the inquiry, said: “It has been over a week since Constance and Mark’s car broke down on the M61 and we have growing concerns not just for their well being but for their well being to be of her newborn child.

Being away for a week with a newborn must be exhausting for new parents.

Husband and wife Constance and Mark, please keep your baby’s health and well being in mind and get in touch with us so we can guarantee he or she is fine with no underlying issues.

Please perform this action for your child. You couldn’t forgive yourself if they got sick. We just want to help you and your child.

The Metropolitan Police are now leading the investigation.

Last week, Detective Chief Inspector Rob Huddleston said: “We are aware that some members of the public may find police involvement undesirable and I would like to assure you that we have no intention of imposing ourselves other than to ensure this for the newborn is healthy.”

A police source told the Sunday Times there are fears that the suspects’ access to a substantial sum of money through their family connections could allow them to evade authorities for long periods of time.

“Tatler’s “It” girl was an aristocratic daughter of one of the Queen’s pages who is missing with her lover and a newborn.”

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