Vennersys optimises admission at Dorset Museum

Vennersys optimises admission at Dorset Museum

Vennersys, the integrated ticketinga retail and visitor management company, has improved processes for a leading regional attraction, making it easier to process admissions, collect Gift Aid and manage events.

The Dorset Museum, founded in 1846 in the English town of Dorchester, tells the 250 million year history of the county. The museum hosts engaging public programs, exhibitions, and events. It has become one of the UK’s most popular cultural tourism destinations, attracting more than 50,000 tourists a year and making a significant contribution to the local economy.

The Dorset Museum wanted to modernize its processes as part of its renovations, not only to reduce turnaround time, but also to create new opportunities for growth and increased attendance. This meant they were required an EPoS system This would provide them with a single point of contact for managing memberships, selling tickets online and collecting Gift Aid.

The Dorset Museum decided that Vennersys was the best choice to meet their needs after weighing the pros and cons of three different ticketing management software providers. Vennersys was chosen for its service and affordability as, thanks to VenposCloud, the museum now sells admission tickets online and event tickets through its website, which was previously not possible.

Everything in one place

The Dorset Museum now handles bookings and events in one place with the integrated system, increasing efficiency and reducing administrative burdens. Thanks to a membership management module, the time to generate and manage different badges has also been reduced. Furthermore, based on consumer data and spending trends, it is also able to create, send and manage effective marketing campaigns personalized for its members.

“Since we started using VenposCloud, the time spent managing the museum has drastically reduced, allowing us to focus on new areas and improving our visitor’s experience,” says the Visitor and Events Manager Gemma Hurlstone.

“Before using VenposCloud, all of our work was paper-based, which meant we were limited in what we could do. A… have cloud based system simplified our processes and allowed us to have all the data and tools we need in one place that anyone, anywhere can access.”

simplify processes

The Dorset Museum is now able to encourage donations by allowing donations to be made when purchasing tickets and at various points of sale. This is made possible by an integration between the modules Tickets & Admissions and Gift Aid.

This integration speeds up and simplifies the processing of Gift Aid and increases donations as well. In order for the museum to effectively manage its many departments, it was important to have the ability to analyze data collected from across the space in one place.

The Dorset Museum’s Analysis and Reporting module allows reports to be exported for a more thorough examination of museum activities and the development of innovative revenue generation strategies. Previously, they were unable to do this as it was more difficult for them to obtain this data and provide thorough reports using their paper-based systems.

Hurlstone adds: “VenposCloud opened up several possibilities for us by connecting to 3rd party integrations like TXGB and direct debit options that we are currently working on implementing at the museum. Vennersys’ support has been crucial for us – whenever we need their help, they are always happy to support us and recommend new modules that we can use to meet our current needs.”

Vennersys has also recently worked with other UK museums including Food Museum of East Angliawhich manages 17 buildings on 75 acres of land in Suffolk.

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