YMCA Bournemouth supports Dorset residents

YMCA Bournemouth supports Dorset residents

The services provided by the YMCA Bournemouth have reached an all-time high this year with over 2,000 sessions for its housing support and counseling services.

The charity has helped address a variety of social issues in the county – from housing and education to health and well-being – that have been exacerbated by the cost of living crisis.

One of the key services provided by the YMCA Bournemouth is that 175 people have been provided with temporary accommodation this year. It has also conducted 1,158 one-on-one support sessions to equip residents with the skills and confidence they need to have a positively independent long-term future.

Gareth Sherwood, Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA Bournemouth, said: “The entire YMCA Bournemouth team has worked incredibly hard this year to support our local community – and the statistics of the help provided speak for themselves.

“While these numbers demonstrate the considerable efforts of our team, they also reflect the sheer public demand for support, which is worrying in itself. With the cost-of-living crisis showing no signs of abating, demand will no doubt continue to rise and more needs to be done to help those in need.”

YMCA Bournemouth recently launched a new public low-cost counseling service in response to increased cost of living pressures affecting mental health in the county. Since September, the charity has conducted a total of 1,003 counseling sessions.

The charity continues to support families by providing play and care services. Its children’s contact centers, which provide a safe environment for children to spend time with family members they don’t normally live with, have conducted 1,587 hours of sessions to date.

Gareth Sherwood continued, “We want to continue to do everything we can to support our local community and their diverse needs through our service offering. Our mission to create loving, vibrant, and whole communities has become even more fundamental in these times of need. We will continue to work with other fantastic charities and organizations in our area to fulfill this mission and help overcome these ongoing problems in Dorset.”

YMCA Bournemouth has also helped more than 250 adults gain recognized training qualifications through its specialty training courses.

In addition, its fitness and leisure facility, The Junction in Broadstone, secured 3,000 new adult memberships and more than 5,000 places booked through its Holiday Club program in 2022, continuing to support the local community with a full range of services.

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