Michigan Business Mogul Launches High Performing Hedge Fund.

Michigan Business Mogul Launches High Performing Hedge Fund.

Steel Capital Management LTD

Shannon Steel (Managing Director/CEO)
Shannon Steel (Managing Director/CEO)

Lewes, DE, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shannon Steel is launching a new hedge fund, Steel Capital Management LTD, targeting returns of 3-5%+ per month.

The newly appointed Ambassador of the US Central African Republic has entered the world of investment management as a hedge fund manager with the aim of generating great returns for investors in the US and internationally.

Shannon Steel (Managing Director/Managing Director) comments: “During my degree in economics, I developed a deep passion for finance and investing. Starting my career as a stockbroker at the age of 23 is what led me here years later. I look forward to using my success and learning opportunities in changing markets to deliver great returns for the fund.”

Benjamin Mensah (Director): “It is with great pleasure that we announce a manager whose results speak volumes for the future direction of the industry. An economic downturn shouldn’t automatically mean that investors lose money, but rather take advantage of opportunities. The digital age demands more transparency for investors, and our investor platforms, which are driving this change, are set up to provide this transparency with ease.”

The hedge fund pursues a long and short strategy within its commodities and currencies divisions. The strategy offers investors a great opportunity to hedge investments in a liquid and volatile environment.

Ms. Steel’s background in real estate and other sectors means the fund has partners in the US and abroad who offer the group the opportunity to generate impressive returns with assets that are not only home, but have a positive impact globally; One of these partners is The Steel Foundation, which helps women and children by building schools, hospitals and equipment to improve health and education for current and future generations in Central African Republic.

With a unique approach to traditional investments, the group believes that they will not only accelerate growth but also protect investors in times of uncertainty while ensuring their impact on local communities remains not only positive but sustainable over the long term.

For more information please contact the team at:

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It should be written down the investments carry Risk, and the value from investments will naturally vary. Investors may get back less money than originally invested.


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