Jamal Menzies and Veronica Rodriguez Show Cute PDA at The Single Life Cast Party

Jamal Menzies and Veronica Rodriguez Show Cute PDA at The Single Life Cast Party

As we reported with increasing certainty earlier this month, Jamal Menzies and Veronica Rodriguez are dating.

The two went “public” with their relationship. 90 days: The single life Tell All Special they filmed in September.

By all accounts, their open long-distance relationship is still going strong.

And Jamal was just offering fans a behind-the-scenes look to see how cute their couple moments can be.

With the 90 days: The single life Finally, Tell All was able to give Jamal Menzies some behind-the-scenes insights.

No earth-shattering mysteries to spin 90 day fiance world upside down. Just some fun from the after party.

And in those private off-camera moments (well, production cameras anyway) Jamal and Veronica found some time to themselves.

The cast’s after-party in New York featured many happy moments. Lots of playful fun from some very tired reality stars.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Veronica managed to squeeze in a PDA.

Luckily, his mom — Kimberly Menzies — is in another spin-off. Otherwise it might have been uncomfortable.

“I realized a while ago that you can’t please everyone, but that’s okay!” Jamal captioned his post.

He advised, “Be true to yourself and everything else will fall into place.”

That’s certainly true. And vague. It also seems largely unrelated to this post. Is there a guide book that people on reality TV give out to people to give them random captions?

We try not to be mean. If you’re handsome like Jamal, you can do whatever you want.

Plus, his captions managed to avoid mentioning an apparently tipsy Tiffany Franco playing with Syngin Colchester’s perfect, beautiful hair.

That’s more restraint than we have. Or Tiffany, who commented, “I’m not drunk braiding Syngin’s hair.”

Veronica’s comment also kept things pretty vague.

“Best group outing,” she wrote.

Notice the emphasis on group Side trip. One can imagine that Veronica and Jamal had some smaller outings that they enjoyed even more.

The viewers know Jamal well 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? as the son of Kimberly Menzies.

Yes, she and Usman skipped the original 90 Day Fiance recipe.

Fans suspect they filmed for more Before the 90 daysbut were at the last minute HEA Substitute for Memphis and Hamza.

Jamal was Kimberly’s emotional support, the voice of reason in the room, and a little eye candy for viewers.

He also had great appeal among young viewers, older viewers, and especially adult children whose mothers are “eccentric.”

If you were there, you were there. Jamal is Kimberly’s rock and he’s incredibly patient with her. It’s heartwarming.

However, some judgmental weirdos didn’t react well to the news that Jamal is dating Veronica. (We don’t mean Tim; he’s a whole different situation)

Some cited their age difference (they’re… 10 years apart. He’s 27. It’s okay, and anyone paying attention is being silly).

Others clashed over their open relationship. This is the result of bigotry or bigotry or somewhere in between. We think it’s safe to say that most fans are happy for the two – although some might be a little jealous.

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