Who is Behdad Eghbali Chelsea co-owner, his net worth 2023, age, wife, family, education

Who is Behdad Eghbali Chelsea co-owner, his net worth 2023, age, wife, family, education

Here’s everything you need to know about Chelsea co-owner Behdad Eghbali, his age, career, 2023 net worth and more

The situation at Chelsea Football Club is getting quite tense at the moment due to the ongoing decline in performance and results.

Every club member who is actively involved in the team recognizes the need to improve team performance and results.

Throughout the article, an insider named Ben Jacobs touched on a number of issues, but at one point, after a series of unfavorable outcomes, he focused on the current situation. Jacobs, claims that lately co-owner Behdad Eghbali has repeatedly said the same thing to Potter in his conversations with him.

Who is Behdad Eghbali Chelsea Co-owner, his Net Worth 2023, Age, Wife, Family and Education

Who is Behdad Eggbali?

Behdad Eghbali is an American businessman who was born in Los Angeles. His date of birth is not known. Eghbali is a member of Diligent’s Board of Directors. He is a co-founder and managing partner of $10 billion investment management firm Clearlake Capital Group LP, whose top investment directors have directed or co-directed more than 100 transactions.

Eghbali, 46, and his wife Julia Harris, longtime Westside residents, have relocated to Brentwood Park from another location in Brentwood and have purchased a $21 million mansion in the area.

Known for producing some of the best returns in the private equity industry, Clearlake Capital has $43 billion in assets under management. Clearlake invests most in software, industrial and consumer companies. Eghbali previously worked for TPG Capital, a private equity firm, before joining Clearlake. He is now well known in the sporting world as co-owner of Premier League club Chelsea.

Behdad’s estimated net worth is $3.4 billion, according to Forbes. Eghbali graduated from the Haas School of Business at the University of California with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Meanwhile, defeat by Fulham resulted in Chelsea’s third straight defeat, continuing their terrible streak of just one Premier League win since mid-October.

Last Sunday’s FA Cup defeat by Manchester City was the first clear expression of resentment towards the current government, with Thomas Tuchel’s name chanted by the opposing side.

Although Graham Potter has struggled to convince some Chelsea supporters that he is the right candidate for the job, others have taken aim at the squad, suggesting several high-profile signings face an unclear future.

While there will no doubt be disagreement over who is to blame for Chelsea’s current woes, the majority of fans seem to agree that the players are not entirely harmless.


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