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THE Harlow Labor leader has questioned the ruling Conservatives about their recent talks with Harlow Town Football Club.

Harlow Town removed all of their teams from the leagues due to problems with their artificial turf pitch.

Councilor Chris Vince asked a series of questions at a recent full council meeting.

He asked:

“Harlow has a proud history of football, be it Harlow Town’s historic victory
Gary Lineker’s City of Leicester to our many grassroots football teams, not too
Mention our walking football that helps reduce and improve social isolation
Mental health. Football is more than just a game. It’s about friendship and
community. However, last week we heard that Harlow Town FC, Harlow
Ladies and Harlow reserves had to give up their league locations
ongoing problems with their pitch. What support, if any, can Harlow’s advice give
secure the long-term future of the club and football in our city?

Response from Council Member Dan Swords (Council Vice-Chairman and
Portfolio holder for regeneration):

“Harlow has an incredibly proud football history and I share the sadness
Cllr Vince and indeed the whole town with the message that the club had to
withdraw its senior teams from their respective leagues last week.

This council undertook to do everything possible to support the club on the side
our MP, Robert Halfon, and that’s why I, the MP and senior officers met
with the chairman and owner of the club on Monday.

I am happy to say that in all other areas the club remains fully operational
respects that the ground is still used for training programs and youth teams
continue to play and the venue is still used for events.

The problems only concern the pitch and our MEP spoke to football
Foundation that have agreed to provide the club with expert advice on the pitch
and the best way forward.

The council is working with the club to ensure all youth team matches can go ahead
Space on community-owned playing fields and we will continue to support the association
however possible with its older pages.

We remain in dialogue with the club on an almost daily basis and I will continue to keep up to date
Cllr Vince on the progress and appreciate his offers of support in this process.

Although there will be challenges in the coming months, I absolutely stand by it
confident that we will protect Harlow Town FC and the senior teams
In the new season there will be games again and youth football will continue
strength to strength.

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