Which Team Could Pick CJ Stroud In The 2023 NFL Draft?

Which Team Could Pick CJ Stroud In The 2023 NFL Draft?

There are at least nine NFL teams in the 2023 NFL Draft that are in dire need of a quarterback. There are four quarterbacks worthy of the first round in this early pre-NFL Combine prediction, including Ohio State’s CJ Stroud.

The anticipation of NFL Draft Day holds many trades for those teams in need of a quarterback.

So which NFL team could pick Stroud?

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Who is CJ Stroud?

Ohio State’s CJ Stroud had 85 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in his collegiate career. He also had a 69.3% completion rate and rushed for 136 yards. The 2021 and 2022 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year winner isn’t particularly mobile, but there’s no denying his arm strength.

Stroud is a pocket passer, 6ft 3in tall and 215lbs. He’s a perfect fit for a team with a stable offensive line and an offensive coach used to designing plays for a quarterback who relies more on pocket presence than mobility.

2023 NFL teams need a quarterback

As of the NFL draft orders as they stand, the teams that are in dire need of a quarterback and their current draft status are #2 Houston Texans, #4 Indianapolis Colts, #7 Las Vegas Raiders, #9 Carolina Panthers, #16 Washington Commanders and #19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Which NFL team could Stroud pick?

The Las Vegas Raiders are the team Stroud could pick. In this scenario, the Raiders skip the Indianapolis Colts to pick the second quarterback of the draft. The Raiders currently have the ninth-biggest cap berth ($20,130,338) and in addition to their seventh pick overall, they have eight picks in the draft, including 38thth and 70th Overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Coach Josh McDaniels’ offensive line ended last season with the 10th offensive line. Even when Josh Jacobs finished the season with the most rushing yards (1,653), the Raiders were 17thth in rushing percent (40.80%) and 14th in passing (59.20%).

Quarterback mobility has never been fundamental in a McDaniels offense. Carr averaged 1.6 carries per game, and Mac Jones with McDaniels as offensive coordinator averaged 2.6 carries per game (compared to 3.4 carries per game without McDaniels).

Last season, Stroud averaged 2.91 carries per game with 9.48 passing yards per attempt and a 66.3% completion rate.

Stroud’s arm strength and McDaniel’s ability to get the most out of mobility-impaired quarterbacks make Las Vegas the best destination for Stroud.

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