French prime minister unveils plans to tackle racism

French prime minister unveils plans to tackle racism

PARIS (AP) – Name it, act on it, sanction it.

That’s the focus of a new plan announced Monday by French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to end long-standing racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination of all kinds.

The four-year plan begins educating youth with a mandatory annual trip to a Holocaust or other memorial site that exemplifies the horrors racism can provoke, because “history alarms the present,” the plan states. It includes training teachers and civil servants on discrimination and strengthening their ability to penalize those reported for discrimination.

Arrest warrants are issued against those who use freedom of expression for racist or anti-Semitic purposes.

Unusually, the plan includes combating discrimination against Gypsies and Roma.

“There will be no impunity for hatred,” said Borne, presenting her plans, including 80 measures, at the Arab World Institute.

Tolerance is increasing, “but hatred has reinvented itself,” she said.

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