Indian Ocean species caught between local, EU interests

Indian Ocean species caught between local, EU interests

MOMBASA, Kenya (AP) – Indian Ocean countries, which want better protection for local marine life by updating fishing quotas and restricting harmful fishing methods, are facing opposition from the European Union, conservation groups say.

Officials gather in Mombasa, Kenya, on Friday for a meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission – a group of 30 countries that regulate and govern the ocean’s tuna. India plans to propose eliminating the use of high-tech gear for catching large quantities of marine life, and Kenya wants gear caps and more transparency on tuna fisheries.

But the EU, which is using the trapping methods that other countries want to limit, appears poised to resist the plans.

Bloom, a Paris-based non-governmental organization focused on marine protection, said the EU should reconsider its stance and join calls from other countries in the region to protect marine life.

“We urge the EU to abandon its previous colonial stance on quota allocation,” said Bloom’s scientific director, Frédéric Le Manach. “The EU must not allow history to repeat itself.”

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