Just Stop Oil supporters have stopped traffic on key routes in Central London today to demand that the government halts all new fossil fuel licences and consents

Just Stop Oil supporters have stopped traffic on key routes in Central London today to demand that the government halts all new fossil fuel licences and consents

At 8.15am, around 20 Just Stop Oil supporters in hi-vis vests walked onto the A24 near Clapham South and slowly marched north. They continued down Clapham High Street, escorted by about 7 police officers.

Other actions took place in Camden Town.

Adam Beard, 53, a gardener and caregiver from Stroud said:

“I am taking action to highlight our government’s utter disregard for human life and suffering in the pursuit of short-term profit. Not only are they issuing new fossil fuel licenses, they have now given the green light to a new coal mine that will produce the dirtiest fuels around, almost all of which will be exported. This reveals the huge gap between what government ministers say and what they do. They need to change course and stop all new fossil fuel licenses. We will continue to cause disruption until it does what is right for all of humanity.”

Elvy Swan, 21, from Melbourne, Australia said:

“As young people, we have to face the reality we face. Our generation is on the front lines of a catastrophe far more significant than we could have ever imagined. We’re talking about people dying now. people who could have been saved. We don’t have time to argue about the details of the change. We must end new oil and gas.”

A spokesman for Just stop Oil said:

“Green light for a new coal mine signals that our The government doesn’t care about ordinary people or democracy. Your support and promotion of new coal, oil and gas is a plan to destroy our freedoms, our rights and the rule of law. It is a plan that will result in the deaths of untold millions and many more who do not know whether to stay where they have lived for generations or go where they can go.

The real brutality comes when you realize that most people in this country and around the world want what Just Stop Oil is demanding: “no new fossil fuels.”.

The government silences dissent by imprisoning ordinary people, calling for an end to new oil and gas, introducing new laws and taking away your right to walk on public roads. You cannot foment dissent abroad while calling for hard-line tactics at home.

We ask you to join us, the wait is over, we must resist or lose everything.”

The government threatened new legislation ahead of Christmas to “close loopholes” that have allowed Just Stop Oil supporters to march in the streets, confirming suspicions that the government will only allow protests that nobody noticed. The draconian Public Order Bill is due to end the committee phase in the House of Lords this week and has been heavily criticized by peers and civil rights groups alike.

This week’s action comes after last week’s overwhelming victory in the second jury trial against Insulate Britain supporters. Gwen Harrison, Joshua Smith and Emily Brocklebank were found not guilty of causing a public nuisance by a unanimous verdict at Southwark Crown Court on Friday. The jury, after a 5 day trial, concluded that the disturbance caused by Insulate Britain supporters for sitting in the street in Bishopsgate on 25 October 2021 did not constitute a public nuisance. A third trial by the Insulate Britain jury is due to start at 10am today at Inner London Crown Court.

This week also continues the plea and bail hearings for Just Stop Oil supporters who were arrested during the four day operation on the M25 in November, as well as for actions taken earlier in the campaign

Six weeks of uninterrupted disruption and civil resistance by Just Stop Oil supporters in October and November resulted in over 700 arrests. Since the campaign began on April 1, Just Stop Oil supporters have been arrested over 2,000 times and 24 supporters are currently in prison.

Just Stop Oil continues to peacefully oppose the government’s plans to license over 100 new oil and gas projects by 2025 and its failure to deliver on its promise to help people with their skyrocketing energy bills. By continuing to produce new oil and gas, they are complicit in the deaths of millions and are facilitating the collapse of the orderly society that allows democracy to work.

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