Beau Greaves: Five facts about 18-year-old darts sensation

Beau Greaves: Five facts about 18-year-old darts sensation

Beau Greaves, 18 year old darts star.
Beau Greaves, 18, is the youngest woman to take part in a PDC World Championship.

Beau Greaves is the teenage sensation set to make history at the PDC World Championships.

The 18-year-old from Doncaster started darts at the age of 10. On Friday she will become the youngest woman to take part in the championship in its 30-year history when she takes on world No. 37 William O’Connor.

Want to know more about the most exciting young darts player? Here are a few facts about Greaves.

1. A winning streak to scare the best

Greaves comes into this tournament in excellent form. The Guardian reports that she did won 66 games in a rowexternal link and eight consecutive tournament titles in the PDC Women’s Series. Not bad.

Given Greaves’ performances this year, several of the top male players at the World Cup, including defending champion Peter Wright, have said they don’t want to face her.

“Sometimes I forget I’m still a teenager,” Greaves said. “I’m only 18 and I forget that when I’m doing all this stuff.

“I never thought of it as a dream. I was more into just playing ladies darts and I was happy with that. It kind of happened, I didn’t plan it or expect it.”

2. She has already beaten Sherrock

Fallon Sherrock became a trailblazer for women’s darts when she reached the third round of the 2020 World Championship.

However, Greaves hit her Earlier this year at a tournament in Wigan to claim a spot at Alexandra Palace.

“I don’t want to be compared to Fallon,” says Greaves. “What she did was amazing, but I want to do my own thing and just keep to myself and keep enjoying it.”

3. Youngest person to win a world championship

In April, aged 18, Greaves defeated Kirsty Hutchinson 4-0 to win the WDF World Championship.

The youngest ever winner of a world championship was 21 years old. Her tournament victory set the record for both male and female competitors.

4. Her nickname is amazing

‘Beau ‘n’ Arrow’ pretty much writes itself. In fact, it’s one of the best cases of nominative determinism we’ve seen in a while.

you saidexternal link that the name was suggested by a pal of her father’s in Doncaster and ended up sticking.

5. She still lives with her parents

Unsurprisingly, for all her accolades, Greaves is still a normal teenager in many ways.

“Sometimes you’re on a real high and you come back and mommy tries something,” she said. “It’s such a contrast when you come back from a darts weekend, I’ve never been treated any differently and I wouldn’t want it anyway.”

Greaves has already set the darts world on fire. And she is confident that she can go further.

“I feel like nobody’s ever seen me play the way I can really play,” she said. “I feel like I have a gearbox and I can turn it on when I need to.”

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