Sainsbury’s sparks fury after introducing ‘ridiculous’ rule – shoppers say ‘shame on you!’

Sainsbury’s sparks fury after introducing ‘ridiculous’ rule – shoppers say ‘shame on you!’

The new rule has been rolled out in some UK stores, forcing customers to scan their receipts before exiting the store. People now have to prove they paid for the items as an extra security measure for Sainsbury’s.

If customers don’t print and scan their receipts, they won’t be able to leave the store.

Many took to social media to share their thoughts, with some saying the supermarket’s lack of trust was “insulting”.

Others found the change unnecessary, as most people don’t print their receipts when using the self-checkouts.

One social media user commented, “I would be b*ggered.

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Another said: “Essentially they hold up [people] Hostages against their will as they refuse to let people go without scanning a receipt that not everyone gets to begin with.

“What are they going to do? Take someone hostage and rummage through bags before they release you?”

A Twitter user added: “I’ve been a Sainsbury’s loyalist for 30 years. Now it stops. How dare you insult me ​​by scanning receipts to leave.

“Not even the discounters. No warning, no store signage and it doesn’t work, my receipt had to be reprinted. Farewell, you suspicious shop.”


“So it appears that Sainsbury’s Redhill no longer trusts you and requires a till receipt to exit checkout areas.

“Not only do they expect you to do your own packaging and checkout work for free, but they want you to prove you did it!” said another social media user.

@MichaelOD172 agreed, commenting, “Your green initiative is doing a great job… forcing customers to print and scan their receipt. Absolutely cruel!”

Another, @Rihanna_fan1, added: “Scan your receipt to exit and print receipts for each transaction. What a step backwards for your environmental impact and sustainability. Shame on you!”

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“This system has been used in many European supermarkets such as Lidl, Carrefour, Intermarche etc. for several years.”

However, a spokesman for Sainbury’s told the Mirror that the change was “not a new safety measure and in a small number of our stores in the self-checkout areas”.

Other retailers in the UK have recently started using the same system. Primark introduced self-checkout lanes in its stores, which also required customers to scan their receipts before leaving.

Similarly, Ikea and Costco require shoppers to provide proof of purchase before exiting the store. has reached out to Sainsbury’s for comment.

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