Trafford Palazzo announces a month long ‘TP Feel Good Fest’ for the whole family this February

Trafford Palazzo announces a month long ‘TP Feel Good Fest’ for the whole family this February

Formerly Barton Square part of the Trafford Centre, Trafford Palazzo in Trafford City

The retail and leisure destination of Trafford Palazzo in TraffordCity will host a celebration of well-being this February when it launches the TP Feel Good Fest – a stimulating, fun-filled festival program for the whole family.

The TP Feel Good Fest is the evolution of last year’s successful TP Wellness event, where more than 30 brands presented over 379 hours of programming and attracted over 20,000 visitors.

The four-week event, which focuses on emotional wellbeing, environment, social issues, nutrition and fitness, begins February 4th and runs through February 26th. The TP Feel Good Fest aims to make visitors feel good with a packed program of activities featuring some of the region’s most popular health and wellness brands, providers and professionals.

All events and activities are free to attend and have been designed as an all-ages program with the main objective of promoting the health and well-being of visitors to Trafford Palazzo and the local communities. The host of the monthly extravaganza will have its fully furnished Wellness Hub, designed to create a positive space that promotes calm and serenity.

Formerly Barton Square part of the Trafford Centre, Trafford Palazzo in Trafford City

Mental and emotional well-being is celebrated with activities such as yoga, meditation, breath control, a post-ivity wall and several relaxation activities with workshops on resilience and confidence, reflection and positivity.

The social component of wellness includes brands such as Trafford Golf Centre, Urban Reform and Sober Social, among others. Entertainment includes a silent disco, local DJs, glitter face painting, feel-good garden games, arts and crafts, pottery painting and adult boot camps.

Committed to the environment and its role in promoting health and well-being, Trafford Palazzo embraces nature with yoga classes for all ages and educational experiences from Crocodile Joe, allowing families to get up close and personal with snakes, lizards, spiders and other creepy crawlies to meet near. The Conker Club will use materials found in nature to encourage children to use their imaginations to create various works of art.

A focus on nutrition and fitness is designed to encourage visitors to get active and eat fresh. Trafford Palazzo will welcome back Miss Kick and Calculated Performance along with several other exciting brands. Urban Reform will also lead an informative session on how to get healthy on a budget, followed by a live boot camp.

homage to the importance of a balanced diet and fitness; Boot camps for kids, dance workshops, yoga and taekwondo demonstrations, and fitness classes for adults also offer something for the whole family.

To ensure visitors have food and drink on hand, healthy food vendors and wellness cafes will join Friday through Sunday.

Throughout the half of February, the TP Feel Good Fest will offer additional free activities for children, along with Mom and Baby Mornings and family-friendly interactive games.

Mark Whittaker, Executive Director at Peel L&P, said: “We are delighted that our vision of hosting free wellness events for all and giving small businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services is becoming a reality.

“Working closely with many local suppliers, our team has put together an exciting schedule and a bright, welcoming and creative space for classes, workshops, guest speakers and vendors.

“Our program of events is growing in popularity and it’s great to see so many visitors participating in free activities throughout the year. Health and well-being are extremely important and this festival will offer something for everyone.”

For more information and to access the full schedule of events, please contact CLICK HERE

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