Humiliating Eva Green WhatsApp messages exposed in court

Humiliating Eva Green WhatsApp messages exposed in court

French actress Eva Green felt humiliated after her private WhatsApp messages were read publicly in a courtroom amid her ongoing battle with a production company.

Green, 42, is currently embroiled in a High Court dispute involving White Lantern Films and SMC Specialty’s funding over a science fiction film A patriot that never paid off.

Green testified in the High Court on the second day of her trial, where she said she was mortified that her messages were now in the spotlight.

According to the Guardian, the messages contained the Casino royale Star laments that she was “obligated to take [the producer’s] s**tty peasant crew members from Hampshire” after changing the filming location from Ireland.

Eva Green was set to star A patriot before production ceased in October 2019. She is now suing White Lantern Film as part of her pay or play deal, claiming that she should be paid her $1 million fee for the shelved film.

Eva Green apparently had “excessive” demands on the production team

According to The Guardian, Eva Green is not only suing, but is also facing accusations from White Lantern Films for allegedly undermining the film’s production by making “excessive creative and financial demands” that were inconsistent with the film’s budget were.

According to court documents reviewed by The Guardian, Eva Green allegedly called one of them A patriotExecutive Producer Jake Seal as “Pure Vomit,” “Sneaky Sociopath,” “A Madman,” and “A Liar.”

On January 31, Green was asked to call Seal “evil” and that she wanted “out” of the film. To which Green replied that she has a “very direct way of saying things” and has no plans to leave the project.

“I didn’t expect my WhatsApp messages to be released in court. It’s very humbling. Sometimes you say things you don’t mean. You say you hate a person and you say, ‘I’m going to kill that person.’ will you kill this person no It is a cry from the heart.”

She then hinted at Daniel Craig, her James Bond co-star, and comments from him before signing no time to die

“Daniel Craig said, ‘I’d rather slit my wrists than do another Bond film.’ He kept his contract and made another Bond film and didn’t slit his wrists. Sometimes you say things because you are under extreme pressure. They just come out. I know that story well because I know Daniel.”

Eva Green added that she did nothing to make the film fail, but it was actually the production company’s “incompetence” that led to it being shut down.

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