Eureka boys top Buzz Lucey wrestling

Eureka boys top Buzz Lucey wrestling

Dec 18 – EUREKA – Eureka had five boy champions and led the field in the 2022 Buzz Lucey tournament at his home gym on Saturday.

Eureka scored 205 points, well ahead of second-place Florence with 154.5 and Superior with 137.

Colin Hickman (103 pounds), Timothy Schmidt (113), Blake Lancaster (120), Caden Pecora (160) and Wes Banks (205) were singles winners for the Lions.

The Lady Lions finished fourth and Milynn Lucey won at 126 pounds.

The Bigfork boys finished fourth. Dale Relyea (182) was the sole Viking champion, and Evan Tidwell (170) and Angus Anderson (132) finished second.

Jaren Keene (170) and Daniel Peterson (145) were winners for Polson. On the girls’ side, Polson had a trio of second-place finishers: Ciri Nice (107), Madilyn Huffine (120), and Cely DeBruin (126).

Bonners Ferry won the girls team title by 100 points. Florence was next at 64, and Polson scored 60 for third place.

2022 Buzz Lucey Tournament




Team Score — Eureka 205; Florence 154.5; Superior 137; levels 122; Bigfork 98; Libby 96.5; flat head 86; Polson 81; Bonn Ferry (ID) 51; glacier 16; Arlee 6

Individual results


1st Place Playoff – Colin Hickman (Eureka) Dec. Riley Osborn (Libby), 8-5.

3rd place play-off – Max Rosenthal (Florence) Tech crash Fisher Lee (Flathead) (TF-1.5 4:00 (17-2).


1st Place Match – Timothy Schmidt (Eureka) pinned Gavin Schrenk (Plains) 5:42.

3rd Place Playoff – Diego Rodriguez (Bigfork) pinned Isaac Nicoson (Florence) 1:14.


1st Place Playoff – Blake Lancaster (Eureka) Dec. Micha Acker (Superior), 4-1.

3rd place play-off – Jon Post (Florence) Dec. Brody Smith (Arlee), 4-2.


1st Place Match — Decker Milender (Superior) dec. Raenan Allumbaugh (Flathead), 4-0.

3rd Place Playoff – Jacob Schulze (Plains) pinned Hunter Fulton (Bonners Ferry) by 2:24.


1st Place Match – Drew Carey (Plains) pinned Angus Anderson (Bigfork) by 1:15.

3rd place play-off – Marley Erickson (Libby) Dec. Nathan Close (Bigfork), 7-3.


1st Place Match – John Waterbury (Plains) pinned Xavier Reatz (Libby) 1:13.

3rd Place Playoff – Seth Wilson (Florence) pinned Riley Atchinson (Eureka) by 2:28.


1st Place Match – Daniel Peterson (Polson) dec. Lucas Kovalsky (Superior), 4:58.

3rd Place Playoff – Porter Blackmore (Bonners Ferry) pinned Koale Medicine Bull (Eureka) by 2:36.


1st Place Match – Adyn Meinzen (Florence) pinned Colton Kuka (Flathead) by 2:25.

3rd place match — Turner Milender (Superior)maj. Dec. Michael Watters (Eureka), 8-0.


1st Place Play – Caden Pecora (Eureka) pinned Tynan Krause (Flathead) by 2:20.

3rd Place Match — Brady Schrenk (Plains) maj. Dec. Lane Ryan (Plains), 12-0.


1st Place Playoff – Jaren Keene (Polson) Dec. Evan Tidwell (Bigfork), 5-0.

3rd Place Playoff – Jett Murray (Florence) pinned Kyrin Doty (Polson) by 1:28.


1st place play-off – Dale Relyea (Bigfork) Dec. Noah Horn (Glacier), 5-1.

3rd Place Match – Danial Lemer (Eureka) pinned Conor Leduc (Flathead) by 1:09.


1st Place Match – Wes Banks (Eureka) maj. Dec. Dallas Blair (Florence), 11-1.

3rd Place Playoff – Jaxon Green (Superior) pinned Gaige Bache (Libby) 1:18.


1st Place Match – Chandon Vulles (Superior) dec. Colyn Johnson (Eureka), 3-2.

3rd place play-off – Arie McLaughlin (Florence) Dec. Jason Burrough (Polson), 3-0.


Team Score — Bonners Ferry (ID) 100; Florence 64; Polon 60; Eureka 42; levels 20

Individual results


1st Place Play-Nevaen Therrien (Bonners Ferry) pinned Ciri Nice (Polson) 0:46.


1st Place Playoff – Neveah Speer (Florence) Dec. Maddilyn Huffine (Polson), 10-8.


1st Place Play – Milynn Lucey (Eureka) pinned Cely DeBruin (Polson) by 1:00.

3rd Place Playoff – Malorey Lawrence (Florence) pinned Shyloh Huffine (Polson), 2:57.


1st Place Playoff – Gena Kelsey (Bonners Ferry) Dec. Lillian MacDonald (Plains), SV-1 11-9.

3rd Place Playoff – Aubrey Wells (Bonners Ferry) pinned Brylie Reum (Polson) at 3:35.


1st Place Playoff – Hailey Sutton (Florence) Dec. Lindsey Onstott (Bonners Ferry), 9-4.

3rd Place Playoff – Abigail Sorrell (Polson) pinned Emma Smith (Polson) by 0:35.


1st Place Play – Savannah Rickter (Bonners Ferry) pinned Opal Brannon (Eureka) 0:23.

3rd place play-off – Venessa Wheeler (Polson) Dec. Pepper Featherstone (Polson), 6-1.

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