Preston Padden: ISPs Complicit in Smear Campaign Against FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn

Preston Padden: ISPs Complicit in Smear Campaign Against FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn

Preston Padden, a former Fox and ABC/Disney executive, cited a smear campaign to continue preventing Gigi Sohn from being installed as the fifth FCC commissioner is not politically aligned.

Preston Padden

Padden also said he had been in contact with Fox Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch, an opponent of the Democratic nominee. He said he was able to allay Murdoch’s “concerns” about Sohn’s nomination by noting that it was instrumental in Padden’s efforts as Fox’s top executive to obtain the FCC waivers needed to run the Fox network to launch and “fend off” heavy lobbying by ABC. CBS and NBC on board.

One of the smacks at Sohn from her conservative critics — Sohn is a progressive Democrat — were tweets critical of Fox News, which she published in private before she became an adviser to Obama-era Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. served. Son has said she regrets some of her choices of words.

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Padden called Sohn a “superbly qualified” candidate who should be confirmed as soon as possible. He also asked that the letter be included in the transcript of a possible third nomination hearing for Sohn, who was nominated by President Joe Biden more than two years ago to fill the vacant third Democratic seat.

Padden said he feared Sohn was “at risk of becoming the victim of the worst and most cynical and baseless smear campaign ever waged against a candidate for FCC service.”

Just last weekend a story from the UK Daily Mail about Sohn was picked up by conservative US media such as Breitbart and Newsmax. Padden cited it as the latest in a series of allegations he believes to be the lowest of the low.

“The press stories hatched by Ms. Sohn’s opponents are beneath the whimsical and beneath the dignity of this committee,” he wrote. “For example, a Daily Mail online story (not a Murdoch publication) began with a picture of Ms. Sohn next to a suggestive picture of a sex worker with whom Ms. Sohn has absolutely nothing to do. This is ‘tabloid trash’ at its worst, all brought together, I believe, by representatives from some of the country’s largest cable companies and ISPs.”

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Sohn has long advocated supporting new programming networks and voices to compete with established players, including conservative networks like Newsmax, whose founder previously championed Sohn. Indeed, in the video embedded in Newsmax’s online story Daily Mail The article was an interview with Chip Pickering, a former Republican congressman and current chairman of competition lobby group INCOMPAS, in which he discussed why he supported Sohn and how helpful she was in promoting the “little boys” over dominant players.

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