Music restrictions placed on Moira bistro after complaints about noise levels from local residents | Local News | News

Music restrictions placed on Moira bistro after complaints about noise levels from local residents | Local News | News

A Moira bistro has been told it has to stop playing music outdoors after 9pm after complaints from nearby residents.

Eden Bistro on Ashby Road has applied to North West Leicestershire District Council for a review of its land licence.

This was heard by the Council’s Subcommittee on Licensing, which was told it had received a number of complaints from neighbors around the restaurant.

Eden’s licensee, Charles Griffin – who is also an Ashby Woulds councilor – appeared before the committee to support his motion.

Mr Griffin said he felt there was a “personal vendetta” against him over the number of complaints, adding that some were “vexed” and accused him of using his position as a local councilor to his advantage.

He also pointed out that Eden Bistro, which opened in May 2021, has lost £32,000 over the past year and has no intention of letting that happen again.

Mr Griffin argued that local residents could contact him personally if they had a problem with noise levels and he would decline.

However, the committee said it should not be left to residents to contact the bistro’s owner if noise levels are too high.

However, Mr Griffin also pointed out that other establishments and festivals in or near Moira are also responsible for loud music or noise.

He said one complainant mentioned that the bistro played music by Tina Turner – but argued that it was Conkers who had a tribute band on stage that night and the sounds were not from Eden.

Mr Griffin also said that one of the occasions was the restaurant’s first anniversary.

Terence Olaf, of North West Leicestershire District Council’s Environment Protection Council, told the committee Mr Griffin said Eden would be a “high-end” establishment where people could have a meal or a coffee while listening to ambient music in the background .

Mr Olaf said there was an impression that the music would not be the main attraction.

When his license was first granted, he was allowed to listen to live and recorded music indoors and outdoors until midnight on weekends.

Mr Olaf said he and Mr Griffin had agreed to change the license following complaints but Eden Bistro had not done so. Mr Griffin denied that this had happened.

But Mr Olaf said he visited Eden Bistro on several occasions in August, adding that music was sometimes played from speakers on the outside terrace.

He added that there have been complaints about music – both indoors and out – along with raised voices. He said there are 22 objects nearby – with one 10 meters away from the bistro compound.

However, when it was pointed out that there had been no complaints in recent months, Mr Olaf replied that this was ‘seasonal’, adding that the outside area gets more use in the summer.

Mr Griffin added that the business needed to make money and that if the patio area closed to guests after 9pm it would be “Bye Eden” as it would have to sell and 35 jobs would be lost.

He added that the restaurant – formerly Gilliver’s shoe warehouse a few miles from Ashby de la Zouch – has helped revitalize the area, with District Councilor John Bridges saying 87 per cent of Ashby Whole’s economy is due to tourism.

Cllr Bridges said, “We are a victim of our own success.”

But the committee imposed noise restrictions on Eden, ruling the levels were a “public nuisance”.

The Eden Bistro is now unable to play “live or recorded” music outdoors at all times, although ambient music playing is permitted until 9pm provided noise-limiting devices are installed on the premises.

All other licensed outdoor activities must be completed by 9:00 p.m. each day and all outdoor tables and chairs must not be used after 10:00 p.m. each day.

Signs must also be posted to encourage customers and staff to respect neighbors regarding noise levels.

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