Prince Edward County Property Transfers for July 2022 – Farmville

Prince Edward County Property Transfers for July 2022 – Farmville

Prince Edward County Title Deeds for July 2022

Published 4:27 p.m. Thursday 22 December 2022

Below are the transfers of ownership recorded in the Office of the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk for the month of July. The listing includes the grantor, grantee, location of property, and amount of consideration.

• Michael Yoder to Red Hawk Properties LLC, .321 AC, City of Farmville. $195,000.

• Patrick Thomas Deroche to Michael Shawn O’Brien, 4.58 AC, Lockett District. $349,500.

• Patrick B. Carwile to Samuel H. Allen III, Lot, Town of Farmville. $279,000.

• Virginia Cox McDonald to Constance Laverne Muwwakil, Lot, Farmville District. $300,000.

• Pembleton Homes, LC to James Colegate, 2 AC, Leigh Borough. $245,500.

• Lloyd H. Seely to Lee L. Nelms, 6 AC, Buffalo District. $34,000.

• John Howard Melton to America Unitting, LLC, .916 AC, Hampden County. $575,000.

• Arron Simon to Richard Bradley McCorkle, 10:36 AC, Hampden District. $57,900.

• Dennis F. Creran to Heather Madsen Joes, 8.06 AC, Hampden Borough. $270,000.

• Robert Beverly Piper to Sweet Briar Holdings LLC, 47.61 AC, Hampden District. $140,000.

• George R. Bristol to Bristol Properties, LLC, Lot, Town of Farmville. $325,000.

• Deed gift from Thomas J. Huddleston to William M. Duker Jr.

• Douglas S. Youndt to Kevin Garling, 2.51 AC, Hampden Borough. $12,500.

• G & D Investments LLC to Vanna Ouch, .171 AC, Town of Farmville. $53,000.

• Pattie D. Patrick to Mark A. Williams, 4.31 AC, Lockett District. $175,000.

• Arthur Smith to Theresa Reid. deed gift.

• Watkins Clarke Campbell to Maxwell Campbell. deed gift.

• Fantasia Mining, Inc. to Fantasia Enterprises, LLC. deed gift.

• Fantasia Enterprises, LLC to Jeremy Lehman, 102.03 AC, Prospect District. $170,000.

• Susan J. Plass on Two Sisters Thrift. deed gift.

• Katherine M. Brust to Thomas Rome, AD 39.52, Buffalo District. $365,000.

• Robert E. Raymond Sr. to Ryan S. Lehman, 1.23 AC, Farmville District. $115,000.

• Kimberly M. Walton to Marvin R. Rhea, AD 10.06, Hampden County. $28,000.

• Eva Raczkowska to Allie Magnotti, .75 AC, Town of Farmville. $135,000.

• Clint W. Overton to Clint W. Overton. deed gift.

• Ben Henry Construction, LLC to Darryl Burt, .116 AC, Lot, Town of Farmville. $209,900.

• Melissa Scott, executor of Lavrois Savage, 3.43 AC, Prospect District. $150,000.

• Walter F. Bordonaro to Tyler Robert, 1.10 AC, Prospect District. $207,000.

• Matthew T. Pearman to Joseph W. Crowell, Lot, Town of Farmville. $262,900.

• Geoffrey Scott Lea to Brian S. Bauer, Lot, Farmville District. $456,000.

• Lofton Leasing LLC to MaG Rocha Ambriz, Lot, Prospect District. $461,000.

• Joyce Paige Eggleston to Piney Crove Holdings, LLC, 9.16 AC, Lockett County. $125,379.

• Shirley N. Fowles Family LLC to Robert W. Price. $15,000.

• Betty Ann McCormick to James Scot McCormick. deed gift.

• Janet L Walton; AKA to Zandra Smith Moore-El. deed gift.

• Roy Samuel Coleman to Ena Estela Cartagena, 1.353 AC, Leigh District. $94,000.

• Robert Vander Schans to Michelle T. Pletch, 28.5 AC, Leigh District. $349,900.

• Custom Family Home Builders to Jake David Beavers, 3.68 AC, Prospect District. $15,500.

• Throckmorton Properties LLC to Charles Parker Wingfield Jr., 5.66 AC, Hampden District. $65,000.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Augustin D. Hobgood III. $16,000.

• Othelia is absent from John Demaio, 1.06 AC, Leigh District. $65,000.

• Zachary S. Mason to Lindsay A. Fisher, Lot, City of Farmville. $249,000.

• Plummer N. Jones to Zhakia Giles, 1 AC, Hampden District. $101,000.

• Farmville, LLC to DSP Farmville Apts LLC. $21,675,000.

• Rock River, INC to Anthony James Lane, 1.60 AC, Farmville District. $325,900.

• Farmville Apartments Too, LLC to Farmville Land LLC at 1.404 AC, Town of Farmville. $500.

• Benjamin Westerhoff to Michelle Miller, .61 AC, Town of Farmville. $143,900.

• Farmville Commercial, LLC to DSP Farmville Land, LLC, 9952 AC, Town of Farmville. $500.

• Christopher Michael Stiltner to Soggy Dollar, LLC. deed gift.

• Christopher Michael Stiltner to Soggy Dollar, LLC. deed gift.

• Christopher Michael Stiltner to Soggy Dollar, LLC. deed gift.

• L. Garrick Hudson to Jeffrey L. Norfleet, 1.5 AC, Prospect District. $25,000.

• Anthony M. Shirk to Charmaine Moorehead, Lot, Town of Farmville. $260,000.

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