South Holland District Council backs tax support scheme

South Holland District Council backs tax support scheme

Residents on the lowest incomes could get additional financial support during the cost-of-living crisis.

The South Holland District Council has agreed to continue its tax support program for local councils until the financial year 2023/24.

The system helps people on the lowest incomes and benefits cover their monthly council tax bills.

Count Peter Coupland

The recommendation to increase housing benefit allowances and premiums, in line with the Department for Works and Pensions’ annual update, was passed at Wednesday’s full council meeting.

An increase in the maximum subsidy rate for applicants of working age from 70% to 75% was also agreed.

“There will be a further reduction of up to £25 on council tax for households receiving council tax support,” said Earl Peter Coupland, discussing another government initiative announced after the council’s report was written.

“This is relatively new and we’re getting details right now.

“That comes later.”

A public consultation on the program was launched in November but received only 17 responses from the public.

“With a response rate this low, you can’t count on it being representative of the district,” added Coun Coupland.

However, the responses indicate that 10 agreed that the Council should retain the main features of the current Council Tax Scheme, eight agreed that the Council should increase the maximum CTS to 75% and eight agreed to keep the scheme consistent to increase with the DWP regulations for 2023/23 and future years.

Council members also agreed on a recommendation to introduce a new updated version of the Contract Procedures Rules.

Participate in the council budget

You are invited to give your opinion on this year’s Council budget.

The council tax hike proposed by South Holland District Council would see residents living in a property in Band D pay an extra £5.76 a year – the equivalent of 11.1p a week.

SHDC has now opened its 2023/24 budget consultation and would like to hear the opinions of “residents, partner organisations, businesses and other interested parties”.

“An important element of the borough budget is the drainage authority levy,” wrote Coun Peter Copeland, finance portfolio owner, in his budget foreword.

“Like the municipality, the drainage panels are also faced with increased cost requirements.

“Council is in contact with boards who are trying to limit future increases where possible. This is proving increasingly difficult in the face of significant increases in energy costs.

“As a result of the significant loss of revenue to the Council, statements have been and will continue to be made to the Government as the levy was previously funded through the Revenue Support Grant.”

You can read the budget and complete the consultation by visiting

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