Meet the local woman who’s been raising money for Marie Curie through challenges and needs your help for one final push

Meet the local woman who’s been raising money for Marie Curie through challenges and needs your help for one final push

Supermum Michelle Beaver has come up with a novel way to celebrate her 50th birthdayth th birthday and has battled her way through a grueling series of fitness challenges using cycling, squats and powerlifting to raise money for the Marie Curie charity.

Michelle decided to complete over 20 challenges to celebrate her half-century, capping a marathon year of fundraising for Marie Curie with a 5K New Year’s Eve powerwalk in Sefton Park.

Rather than cozying up in her birthday year, she cycled a circular cycle route around Mallorca, climbed Mount Snowdon, ran around the fells of the Lake District, ran 300km in 30 days and even tried to conquer her fear of heights by rappelling 150ft from Liverpool Cathedral.

Michelle has also run, rowed and cycled around 1000km – the equivalent of 25 marathons – and completed a squat challenge where she completed 3000 squats in just one month.

Her challenges have netted Marie Curie over £2,000 so far, but now she wants to top it all by raising another £1,000 in her final weeks to start the New Year in style.

The mother of three said: “I wanted something memorable for my 50th birthdayth. And I’ve decided that life is too short and not to switch off. I wanted to get out there and do things and see the world and enjoy it while I still can. I decided to make this my “yes” year as I agreed to do things instead of saying no, so I decided to take on the challenges. I’m not someone who sits down and watches TV as I never like to be quiet. People often wait to make bucket lists and leave it too late. But I wanted out of there while I still could. And I want to raise as much money as possible. So anyone can join me for my final challenge in the park and donate some cash and get the Christmas cheer behind you.”

Michelle has been a supporter of Marie Curie since nurses from the charity took care of her terminally ill aunt and mother.

Since then, Michelle – who is the hospital governor and works part-time as a nurse in the coronary ward at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital – has been raising funds for the charity, which participates in overseas trips to Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

But that has been her biggest challenge so far.

Michelle started her training frenzy in January this year with a series of daily 5K rowing challenges before climbing Mount Snowdon.

She spent the next month lifting weights before taking a brief hiatus for her birthday in March, where she accepted donations for charity in lieu of gifts before later completing a home triathlon consisting of a 5k row, 20k bike and 10k running consisted.

Marie Curie

Michelle spent the following month doing over 3000 squats at home before completing the Manchester half marathon, as well as several training runs and bike rides before hosting a tea party and raffle.

She then tried to overcome her fear of heights by abseiling outside Liverpool Cathedral.

Michelle, from Woolton, Merseyside, added: “I was absolutely terrified. Rappelling off the cathedral was my biggest fear and something I will never do again. I like my feet on the ground. But at least I tried. It was awful and I’m still scared of heights but I’m glad I did it.”

This was followed by an alternative triathlon event every day for 31 days, as well as weekend road cycling, before flying to Mallorca to complete a grueling road bike route favored by professional cyclists.

After cycling 250km in the hills of Mallorca, she went trail running in the hills of the Lake District before running 300km in 30 days.

Now she plans to cap off her mammoth year of challenges with a more sedate 5K walk through Sefton Park with her supporters.

She added: “It’s been such a fun year. I have loved raising funds for Marie Curie as they are a great group of people and support so many families across Liverpool and the North West. I’m not skinny but I’m fit. It was great to get outside and see different places, get some fresh air and exercise and it’s great for your mental health. I am living proof that anyone can do this. I would recommend it to anyone to get out of a rut.”

Not planning to hang up her sneakers just yet, she is already planning next year’s fundraiser and is asking people to suggest their next challenge along with a donation.

She added: “I can’t wait to do my next fundraiser. So if anyone wants to suggest something I can look at it for next year. Whatever has the most suggestions I will continue within reason. But I don’t like heights, so I don’t jump out of a plane, bungee jump or skydive – that’s where I draw the line. Whatever I do, I have to keep my feet on the ground.”

To donate to Michelle’s fundraiser and suggest her next challenge, click here or to start your own fundraiser in the new year, click here.

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