Huron Plainsman | District 22 legislators visit Beadle County Commission

Huron Plainsman | District 22 legislators visit Beadle County Commission

HURON — Less than a month before South Dakota’s 2023 legislative session, the three District 22 lawmakers met with the Beadle County Commission Tuesday morning to discuss the upcoming session and hear the commission’s priorities to be presented to Pierre.

Senator David Wheeler reported that he will be the chair of the Senate Commerce and Energy Committees, while also serving on the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on State Affairs, and serving as the Senate Majority Whip.

Wheeler noted that he sees a big focus of this year’s session on the budget, with lawmakers working with multiple sources of funding hoping for funding while trying to secure tax breaks.

Representative Lynn Schneider echoed Wheeler’s comments, stating that tax breaks will likely be a primary focus. While the focus was on the food tax, it’s likely that the tax break will be extended by whether it’s from another source or whether it’s the full amount of the food tax or part of the session, Schneider noted.

Schneider said he serves on the House Agriculture Committee and Commerce Committee this year. He was also heartened to hear that DEX was mentioned among the “unfinished projects” to be funded in the governor’s budget address last week and believes this will lead to some momentum among fellow lawmakers in distributing the funds should, despite the project receiving the full $6 million that Gov. Noem mentioned remains to be seen.

Rep. Roger Chase said he will serve as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and member of the House Committee on State Affairs this year. While he also sees budget and spending issues as primary areas of focus, he expects bills on significant areas and abortion/adoption to come up this year and generate much debate.

The commissioners expressed a desire to continue funding the Bridge Improvement Grant program because it is a significant countywide program.

The legislative period begins on January 10, 2023.

The commissioners came together for their regular meeting by approving a transfer of alcohol licenses from Cash Out Casino and VapEscape to MG Oil Co. in a business sale.

As part of the sale, the commission also approved a piece of land to allow the storage units to exist as commercial lots without a facade.

The commissioners approved the hiring of Savannah Henry in prison and Jeremy Polak in the highway department.

Jason Fritzsche submitted three road maintenance contracts for Commission approval with Broadland, Hitchcock and Virgil. This has been approved.

The commission also approved the acceptance of an offer for two new 2023 mowers from Premier Equipment for $15,800 with a trade credit.

Duker bids are to be advertised for the opening on January 3rd.

Fritzsche also submitted to the commission that Chad Zwieg be admitted as a foreman of the Highways Department on January 1, when Fritzsche is promoted from foreman to superintendent. Fritzsche noted that Zwieg had been working on many assignments over the past month. The commission approved the grant.

Commissioners also:
• Approved Spain Outlot 6 & 7 plan
• Approval of the joint cooperation agreement for 2023 with NECOG
• Approved the Insurance Committee’s recommendations to remain with Avera for county health insurance for 2023
• Approved a cellphone stipend for Alyssa Horn
• Approved land reassignment based on taxes paid

The Commissioners will meet on Tuesday 27 December at 9am with a property sale taking place during the meeting.

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