Norfolk: Sowerbys’ estate agents unveils new rebrand

Norfolk: Sowerbys’ estate agents unveils new rebrand

A well-known Norfolk real estate agent says his new rebrand is putting community and customers first.

Established almost 30 years ago, Sowerby’s estate agents have unveiled an updated website and marketing strategy with a new slogan: “A new home is just the beginning.”

The company, which has nine offices across Norfolk, began a rebrand last year, launching new sales boards and bespoke property brochures. The new website, which launched on February 1st, brings the updated branding together.

Carly Griglestone, marketing director at Sowerbys, says the renaming helps the company be known for its innovation, with the question ‘how are you going to sell my property?’. to the most common questions that potential suppliers ask.

Last year Sowerbys’ unveiled a new logo on its property brochures – now it completes the look with a new website (Image: Sowerbys)

“Our business has always been about helping people discover the life they deserve,” she says. “Our starting point for the rebranding was the new website. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at our demographics now and into the future to ensure we’re delivering what people want and deserve.

“This ethos runs through everything we produce. We wanted to turn traditional real estate marketing on its head. For us, it’s not about traditional wide-angle photos and detailed furnishings, it’s about providing a human perspective and showing what it feels like to live in a home that we’re bringing to market.”

With the rebranding, the Sowerbys logo has also evolved and unified the brand’s multimedia offering.

Now, the company’s signature “S” is entwined with a vine and can be found on brochures and on its social media channels on “For Sale” and “For Rent” boards.

According to the company, the leaves in the logo represent native East Anglian trees and symbolize the roots that many attribute to buying and starting a home.

“Being a part of and supporting our local community is one of our most important brand values [so] we wanted the logo to reflect that,” adds Carly. “Our slogan ‘A new home is just the beginning’ reflects the importance our customers place on moving.”

In addition to traditional search tools, Sowerby’s website allows clients to “tailor search” to find a property based on their desired lifestyle – whether it’s “sea bathing and sandy toes” or “cozy cottage”.

Eastern Daily Press: Sowerby's new slogan Sowerby’s new slogan “A new home is just the beginning” underscores its focus on the lifestyle that a new home can offer (Image: Sowerbys)

Being locals too, the team have also compiled a collection of guides from the area – as well as some further afield – to ensure those relocating to the region can discover the life they are looking for.

Max Sowerby, Co-Managing Director, said: “I left the real estate corporate world almost 30 years ago and started Sowerbys because I wanted every client to feel that they had received a first class service.

“That ethos remains firmly at our core. We’re still driven by doing what’s best for our clients, still proud advocates of the places and communities we represent, still passionate about new homes and the changes it can bring.

“We offer vendors an unparalleled service that is passionate, knowledgeable and honest.

“A home in Sowerbys is now what it always was: a place that inspires a new way of life.”

Eastern Daily Press: Lloyd Sandy and Max Sowerby, who founded the company nearly 30 years agoLloyd Sandy and Max Sowerby, who founded the company almost 30 years ago (Image: Sowerbys)

Lloyd Sandy added: “We’ve always been known as market leaders and have defied convention.

“We are proud to have a forward-thinking in-house marketing team at Sowerbys, on hand to showcase each house’s story. For us, that means working with our clients to truly capture the feel of a property and the lifestyle available.

“We don’t want to be known as a typical brokerage brand, we’re about offering a human perspective and inspiring people to want to know more.

“It has always been important to Sowerbys to be a part of our shopping streets and to safeguard their future, so you can still find our friendly teams in stores across the country.”

The rebrand comes after the company announced its expansion earlier this year.

“For Sale” signs are expected to be seen in neighboring counties of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire in the coming months, with George Berry being promoted to the new property manager.

New home sales are up 50 percent since 2019 with the firm, and last year one in four homes sold with Sowerbys was new construction.

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