with rising bills at Christmas, Community Supermarket serves Hunstanton & Walsingham

with rising bills at Christmas, Community Supermarket serves Hunstanton & Walsingham

Whenever we turn on the TV or open a social media app, all we see is news about the cost of living and how the bills are rising. The news is plagued by price hikes, inflation and wage strikes. Everything seems murky and gloomy at the moment. This is a worrying time for everyone.

Christmas is getting closer. It can be a worrying time for anyone when it comes to finances. One important thing to remember is that you can make Christmas magical without spending every penny. Memories and spending time with family are the most important parts of the holiday season.

Norfolk as a county has set up some ways to combat money worries. Trying to manage on a tight budget can be difficult, and figuring out how to afford everything can be stressful.

Coastal Mummy Dec 2022, Community Supermarket
Coastal Mummy Dec 2022, Community Supermarket

Nobody should be ashamed to ask for help when they need it. There are people out there who can help.

Just One Norfolk has a website with information on places that can help. Just One Norfolk recommends making sure families take advantage of all possible benefits. The turn2us calculator can be filled out online and shows families what they are entitled to. Benefits are there to support families and individuals when they need it.

Norfolk Libraries have items to help keep people warm such as hats, scarves and gloves for people to pick up if needed. Therms are also available.

Some villages have community fridges that can help provide groceries to local families. Downloadable on a phone or tablet, the Olio app will show you if local businesses are giving away food for free or cheap. Food banks are available but these may only be accessible by contacting the local council. There is a new Coastal Community Supermarket running from Wells-Next-The-Sea to Burnham Market, Hunstanton, Walsingham and Stibbard. They sell groceries and hygiene products for around 30% of retail price. Fruits and vegetables are also free and visitors can choose 3 hygiene products for free during their visit. The membership fee is £3.50 but is a one off fee.

The Norfolk Assistance Scheme is also there to help. This can be applied for online and helps with food, electricity, heating or fuel bills as well as household appliances.

Programs like this, as well as food banks, are there to help those in need and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you can donate too. If you have a few pounds to spare, donate something to eat or something for the children this Christmas. Blankets for the shelter are also important. Just a few extra little things when shopping can have an effect on someone. Help if you can, it could make a big difference to someone this Christmas.

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