A1(M) Catterick junction business park plan set to be approved

A1(M) Catterick junction business park plan set to be approved

An artist’s rendering of the proposed development at Junction 52.

Planning officials have recommended that a large new business park be approved at the Catterick A1(M) junctions.

The Eshton Group, in partnership with Castlevale Ltd. Submitted plans for a 52-acre industrial park at Junction 52.

Developers say the scheme would attract millions of pounds in investment and create hundreds of jobs.

It is said the plans would create an industrial hub at the junction, attracting businesses from across the UK.

A new roundabout would be built on the A6055 as part of the plans.

Richmondshire District Council officials will recommend that the scheme be approved when council members meet on January 4.

The recommendation comes despite concerns raised by a number of organizations.

Catterick Council has questioned the need for more industrial buildings at the expense of agricultural land.

It has also raised concerns about increasing road congestion and negative impacts on the tourism industry.

In response, the Richmond Business and Tourism Association said the proposed development “would deter visitors from the area passing by on the main north-south thoroughfare” and that the existing industrial parks and proposed developments at Catterick and Scotch Corner “a more will create an industrial corridor that deters these much-needed visitors.”

An artist’s rendering of the new business park.

Richmond and District civil society also raised concerns.

The plans included the assumption that there was a shortage of jobs in Richmondshire.

The group added: “While quality jobs are always welcome, the district has historically low unemployment
Rates, some of the lowest in the country.”

Civil society said the proposed development, coupled with the application of existing plans for new business units in Scotch Corner, “would create demand that simply could not be met by local people.

“Labour workers would have to travel long distances to work at these locations,” the company added.

However, a report to city councilors concluded that the plans were acceptable.

The report states: “In the overall planning record, the adverse impacts identified in this committee report are outweighed by the positive aspects of the proposed development, particularly the economic benefits to be gained from the provision of employment development in a suitable site adjacent to the upgraded one.”
Exit 52 of the A1 (M) motorway.

“The proposed development is therefore considered acceptable in this regard and planning is recommended
permission to be granted.”

Further information on the application can be found here.

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