Holistic Kitchen: Trader of the Week Sallyanne Mccrory

Holistic Kitchen: Trader of the Week Sallyanne Mccrory

A NORTH Yorkshire company that makes products to help you sleep and relax is going from strength to strength.

Sallyanne McCrory literally set up Holistic Kitchen from the kitchen table at her home in the Wolds outside of York.

She said: I started Holistic Kitchen from my kitchen table in 2015 and sold products to friends and family on Facebook before getting a website in 2018. Since then it has grown organically around my family.”

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And she found new customers who reached out for her products during the pandemic while it was difficult to see a doctor.

Sallyanne, who lives in Huggate, is this week’s Trader of the Week.

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In the meantime, here’s Sallyanne’s story:

What do you sell?

I make and sell essential oil blends to help people with their moods, emotions and needs. I also make vegan skincare and comfort balms. All are made from natural raw materials.

what makes you special

I create fragrances for people, families and children to use as part of a daily routine. Scents can play a huge role in our mental health and well-being. So many of us have benefited from using essential oils in our lives and so many of my customers are so happy with how a scent has helped them (I have hundreds of five star reviews). The benefits of using a natural skin care product are also amazing. I’ve shown people that you don’t need expensive, luxury skincare products when Mother Nature provides everything you need, naturally. By buying from Holistic Kitchen you are not only getting a five star product, you are buying a product that literally doesn’t cost the earth!

Essential Oils by Holistic Kitchen

How have you adapted during the Covid-19 crisis?

The only thing I’m grateful for about the pandemic is that so many people have decided to help themselves and try more natural products like mine. So many people have bought my Little Pot of Wonder all-purpose balm to save themselves a trip to the pharmacy to buy creams. Calm My Mind Roller Blend sales went crazy because people needed something to help them with the stress and excitement it was causing. The pandemic got people thinking about whether or not they needed to see a doctor, and if not, they turned to companies like Holistic Kitchen who could offer them a natural alternative so they could help themselves.

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Any awards?

Magic Foo Mist was shortlisted for the 2020 Mother and Baby Awards. This is a natural postpartum product that has helped many new moms after the birth of their baby. Last year, Skin Glow Face Elixir won silver at the Free From Skincare Awards.

Favorite anecdote about the business?

I received a call from a nice man who wanted to personally thank me for making the Calm My Mind Roller blend. He said it helps him daily and he can’t be without it. He also wanted to thank me for writing a little note with his name on it (I do this for every order) as it felt very personal. I also recently received a letter from a 13 year old girl who thanked me for making a lip balm and snooze roller mix to help her fall asleep. So lovely!

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