How Boston Scientific Celebrates the Spirit of Giving All Year Round

How Boston Scientific Celebrates the Spirit of Giving All Year Round

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2022 /Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific, Thursday, December 22, 2022 Image of press release

Boston Scientific, Thursday, December 22, 2022 Image of press release

The months of November and December, with all their holidays and celebrations, have become known around the world as the season of giving.

However, at Boston Scientific, giving is a priority year-round. With help from the company’s Global Community Engagement team, associates can apply their time, talent and resources to address the most pressing needs in their communities in three focus areas: health, education and community support. In 2021 alone, Boston Scientific employees spent more than 50,000 hours volunteering in over 50 countries.

Take a look at four recent initiatives from around the world that illustrate a belief Boston Scientific has long held: transforming the world begins with one community at a time.

Fit for one thing

In January 2022, Boston Scientific employees in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were invited to participate in a six-week fitness challenge called Fit for a Cause. Participants signed up for one of three teams, each led by two company employees.

Teams scored by doing activities like cardio and strength-training sessions, incorporating a new fruit or vegetable into their diet, and learning more about mindfulness and mental health. The price for the most points? A renovation for a local organization’s facilities.

In the end, Worcester-based Girls Inc. was the big winner.

But the employees involved also benefited from it. “I signed on to be a co-lead on the Girls Inc. team because I don’t usually do that — I’m a ‘background’ guy but wanted to challenge myself,” says Manuela Capodanno, grant coordinator, medical affairs, urology and pelvic health. Ultimately, she says, the risk was worth the reward: a new multipurpose outdoor space to promote wellness, STEM and arts education programs.

Project Niramayah

While all of India has been dramatically affected by the COVID pandemic, rural India has fared particularly poorly due to the country’s lack of medical infrastructure and facilities. That’s why nonprofit group SEWA International created Project Niramayah — a public health initiative supported by partners like Boston Scientific that aims to raise awareness about the prevention, detection and treatment of COVID in four states across the country : Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Ultimately, SEWA outreach partners and volunteers were able to distribute COVID care kits containing prevention equipment and a guide to early detection of COVID, along with other basic amenities, to 3,000 villages.

“We at Boston Scientific are privileged to work with Project Niramayah in India, where we had the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause and serve the community,” said Manoj Madhavan, Managing Director of Boston Scientific India. “We hope to continue our association and stand with SEWA International in their mission to serve humanity in need.”

Renovation of Herradura Beach

It’s a popular and beautiful tourist destination in Costa Rica, but Herradura Beach isn’t particularly accessible to residents and tourists with limited mobility.

Boston Scientific employees in Costa Rica, who are part of the Leadership, Education and Allies for Disabilities (LEAD) employee resource group, decided to work with the country’s Adapted Surf National Team to make the beach more inclusive.

More than 160 volunteers collected garbage, painted public spaces and planted more than 50 trees as part of the beach renovation. Boston Scientific also donated funds to purchase two amphibious chairs (which allow people with limited mobility to enter the water) and accessible ramps (built largely from recycled plastic collected from Heredia and Coyol’s Costa Rica sites). would).

“We knew Herradura Beach would be transformed by our actions; however, our participation in this activity has also transformed our employees and ignited our passion to further advance opportunities in our communities,” says LEAD leader Gloria León.

Baking for a good cause

As part of the Week of Caring that Boston Scientific celebrates each June, employees in Singapore volunteered 20 hours to support seven local organizations.

One such organization was the Red Cross Home, a home for more than 100 adults and children with multiple disabilities who are unable to take care of themselves. Boston Scientific employees tried to bring them some joy and comfort by taking an afternoon to bake them cookies, madeleines, and banana bread and to write letters of support.

Other Week of Caring initiatives in Singapore have included food preparation at Willing Hearts Food Kitchen, which provides meals to those in need, and IT equipment overhauls for groups such as Beyond Social Services, Pertapis Children’s Home and Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home.

“As COVID restrictions eased this year, the time to celebrate our global Week of Caring was high on the list for all of us in Singapore,” said Cynthia Chia, Office Manager, APAC. “We got our families involved and were happy to actively give back personally to the communities around us.”

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