Kettering murders: No bail for Saju, will continue in prison till completion of inquest | World

Kettering murders: No bail for Saju, will continue in prison till completion of inquest | World

LONDON: Northamptonshire Crown Court on Thursday ordered Kannur native Chelevalan Saju, 52, accused of killing his wife Anju Ashok and their children Jeeva and Jhanvi, to be held in custody pending investigation.

He was brought before Wellingborough Magistrates Court in the Midlands three days ago and proceedings, including the identification parade, have been completed.

It has been widely speculated that Saju could be released on bail as there are no other cases on his behalf.

However, the court did not grant him bail, probably due to the nature of the crime. The case will resume on March 24, 2023.

Legal experts said it will take at least six months for the proper investigative procedures to begin. They also said that Saju could get a 30-year prison sentence.

According to sources, Saju, who speaks English and Hindi, provides numerous details during questioning, officials said.

A driver by trade, Saju was frustrated after not getting a job.

The couple feuded over financial issues, which worsened last week and led to him killing the three.

Saju is expected to be questioned again during his detention in the coming days about what led to the killings and the details will be included in the indictment.

The murders came to light when Anju, a nurse, failed to show up for duty at Kettering General Hospital, where she worked, last Thursday.

Police said the crime was reported at 11.15am Thursday which is around 4.45pm Indian time.

The woman and her children were found with serious injuries at their home at Petherton Court in Kettering, around 140 kilometers from London, police said.

Raised money to send bodies home

The Union of UK Malayalee Association (UUKMA) and the Kettering Malayalee Welfare Association have successfully raised the money needed to ship the bodies of Anju and the children back to India, at the family’s request, within two days of the start of the fundraiser.

The late woman’s family in Kerala had applied for Rs 30 lakh in financial support to bring the bodies home.

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