Campbellford Memorial Hospital receives $13M for infrastructure upgrades, resource supports – Peterborough

Campbellford Memorial Hospital receives M for infrastructure upgrades, resource supports – Peterborough

The Ontario government is providing $13 million for infrastructure upgrades and other supports for the aging Campbellford Memorial Hospital in the Trent Hills community.

On Thursday morning at the hospital, Northumberland-Peterborough South MPP David Piccini announced funding for a range of projects for the hospital, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

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Campbellford Memorial Hospital will receive 48 acres of land for the proposed Campus of Care

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He said the funding was one of the largest in the hospital’s history and he made it as an MPP.

Major projects include more than $9.6 million for a new HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system and generator.

Other grants are:

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  • $1,874,929 for reimbursements of the hospital’s COVID-related capital expenditures
  • $771,797 in additional operational funding to support increased pressures related to COVID-19
  • Up to $600,000 in one-time funding to support CMH’s financial and operational pressures throughout the year
  • $163,000 for pandemic prevention and containment
  • $81,132 through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund
  • $46,884 in healthcare human resources

“This incredible announcement today really speaks to the work that has been done here in this community,” Piccini said at the press conference.

He noted that while hospital officials continue to lobby and make “exciting progress” for Campbellford’s new Campus of Care project, the needs of the existing hospital cannot be ignored.

The Campus of Care offers multiple healthcare services as well as housing options and long-term care home beds in one location. Last fall, resident Jim Curle donated 48 acres of land to the project. Eleven district mayors also supported the project.

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Campbellford Memorial Hospital will receive 48 acres of land for the proposed Campus of Care

“It’s important to acknowledge all of you at this facility and not leave you behind as we look forward to this exciting new campus,” Piccini said. “We need to make these investments today. This team and all of you have rightly focused on the needs that ensure quality patient care.

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“And I am grateful that you have done so and that, in partnership with the Department, we can make the financial investments needed to support this community.”

The hospital determines that the existing HVAC system is at least 30 years old. Eric Hanna, the hospital’s interim president and CEO, pointed out that the nearly $7 million work involved replacing air handling units, upgrading air ducts, air filtration and ventilation systems, upgrading the air distribution system, and installing an automated building control system will include.

“This wing, for example, has no fresh air,” he said during the press conference. “(The air conditioning) hasn’t worked here for 15 years. These are administrative areas. The concern was that it wasn’t working in some patient areas either.”

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The current backup generator is considered to be nearing the end of its lifespan. Hanna says the electrical system needs an upgrade as it is outdated even with power generators.

“This investment will allow us to purchase a new, state-of-the-art generator and upgrade our backup power distribution to ensure that our ability to provide quality patient care is not compromised if the power goes out,” he said.

Hospital CEO Kevin Huestis also thanked Piccini for the investments, citing recent upgrades including a new nurse call system, kitchen and cafeteria renovations, refreshes in the inpatient department, and CMH Foundation-funded state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment like a bladder scanner and a digital one slit lamp.

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Following an on-site survey in December 2022, Accreditation Canada gave the hospital exemplary standing – the highest level of recognition.

“We are very proud of this achievement – from top to bottom they noticed excellence in every department,” he said.

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