Cost of living: Cramlington Foodbank runs low on donations but insists help is there if you need it

Cost of living: Cramlington Foodbank runs low on donations but insists help is there if you need it

The Cramlington Foodbank, which is part of the Trussell Trust, has said it is here to help even though donations are falling.

70-year-old volunteer Joyce Docherty leads the panel. She said: “It makes you realize that until now people have really struggled, determined to survive, but have gotten to a point where they just can’t do it on their own anymore.

A volunteer prepares a food parcel at Cramlington Foodbank. Stocks of some items are running low and the Tafel must now match donations by issuing cash reserves.

“They want this stigma that some people have about going to food banks to be removed because we are all here to help them get over the hurdle.

“Anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they’re wondering what to do next, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

There are over 40 places to get a food bank referral if you need it, including citizen advice, nursing staff and more.

The Cramlington Foodbank can provide toiletries, school uniforms and nursery equipment in addition to groceries and is looking for grants and hygiene certification to begin providing hot meals.

Manager Joyce Docherty says stock levels at Cramlington Foodbank are noticeably lower than at this time last year. Still, she says those seeking help shouldn’t be afraid to reach out.

They accept donations of Christmas gifts for those who cannot afford them and try to provide baskets for Christmas dinner this holiday season.

And that’s despite the fact that the last six weeks have been a lot busier due to the cost of living crisis.

Joyce said: “People have come who would normally have made it, but they may have lost both their homes and their businesses, and they’re really at rock bottom.

“We’re seeing a lot more families that we wouldn’t have seen in the past and that was obviously the result of what happened.

“We’ve been using up groceries faster, which means we’re running out of things very quickly.”

The Tafel must now match donations from supermarkets and individuals through online grocery shopping and spend cash reserves.

As it spends more on supplies and supplies, donations are declining as people cannot afford to contribute as much as before.

The News Post Leader promotes the Food Bank Friends campaign to benefit The Trussell Trust. You can donate here or drop off groceries at drop-off points at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and the Hope Center in Cramlington, One Stop in Burradon and elsewhere.

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