GARDENER’S NOTEBOOK | Gift ideas for the gardener in your life |

GARDENER’S NOTEBOOK | Gift ideas for the gardener in your life |

I usually try to do my Christmas shopping early, but that’s not always possible. If you have avid gardeners on your gift list and don’t know what to get them, I thought I’d share some of the best gifts I’ve come across so far. You can easily get many of these before the big day!

Tickets/rides: Gardeners are always looking for inspiration and ideas to bring to their own spaces. What better way to get great ideas than by visiting a botanical garden? Plan a trip, book a room, make it a weekend! There are some gems in Ontario, as well as a few short jogs across the border.

Some lesser-known gems like Whistling Gardens in Norfolk County are must-sees with their annual Spring Peony Festival. There’s also Meadowview Gardens in Northumberland County that’s on my list. The Niagara Botanical Gardens have an enviable rose garden that I love to stroll through when it’s in full bloom. Places like the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington and the Toronto Botanical Gardens offer tickets to exhibitions and hands-on workshops year-round that would make great gift ideas.

Magazine subscriptions and books: When physical inspiration isn’t possible, paper inspiration is possible! I love getting a subscription to one of my favorite magazines for Christmas. They’re a great way to get in the mood for the upcoming season. If you need ideas, check out the magazine racks. I find the bigger the store, the bigger the selection of titles. Some of my favorites are: Birds and flowers, better houses and gardens, fine gardening, and Illustrated Gardens.

Books on various garden themes or garden coffee table books are always great! Perhaps your gardener is struggling with a shady area in their garden, or perhaps they are interested in learning more about how to plant seeds, hydroponics or japanese gardening. The possibilities are endless and your local bookstore and gardening equipment supplier will usually have plenty to choose from.

Tools of the trade: Most gardeners have the basic set of tools they need, but everyone loves to get high-end or specialty tools every now and then. I especially like hand tools with wooden handles, like trowels, secateurs, etc. They’re both aesthetically pleasing and functional! If you are a loved one who is genuinely interested in rose gardening, let me tell you that a good set of rose gloves wouldn’t go amiss.

Special Items: Beautiful pots, garden accessories, garden magazines, garden clothing and more make great gifts. Make a trip to any of your local garden centers which are open all year round to see their lovely selection and get some ideas as they usually stock some lovely indoor pots and garden accessories and plants!

Seed catalogs and gift certificates: Vegetable and cut flower growers tend to choose their own seeds or bulbs for the coming year. It’s always nice to receive a gift certificate from a favorite or specialist seed and bulb supplier. If you know where your loved ones usually get their seeds from, aska catalog for the coming year and enclose it with your voucher. At the end of the day, just having someone remember how much I love gardening and pursuing my hobbies has given me the best gift I could ask for.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

Aleksia Shoalts is a board member of the Pelham Garden Club, is currently a master gardener-in-training and also blogs about gardening and DIY projects. Do you have garden questions that you would like answered? Contact them at: [email protected]

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