Digital High Street Adviser offers Rushcliffe firms advice about boosting online revenue

Digital High Street Adviser offers Rushcliffe firms advice about boosting online revenue

Rushcliffe’s new Digital High Street Adviser helps West Bridgford and Rushcliffe based businesses develop their digital offering and offers comprehensive business advice to complement their in-person sales in the area’s retail outlets.

East Midlands Chamber’s Steve Phillips is an experienced business consultant who was contracted by Rushcliffe Borough Council to carry out the project in the borough and courtesy of UK Shared Prosperity Funding.

The Authority is one of the first in the region to use the funding, recognizing some of the implications of the recent retail climate in West Bridgford and responding to the pressures high street shops are currently facing.

Steve said: “I have met and spoken to many business owners across Rushcliffe and it is encouraging to see how we can find ways to further maximize their online presence and ultimately increase sales.

“I refer companies to our specialist colleagues and tailor owners’ needs for the specific support and advice they need in their industry.

“Business owners are exceptionally positive here in the county and we want to do even more by supporting them in this currently unpredictable economy by providing them with expert knowledge.”

The project will run until June, with Steve making initial contacts and consulting visits to all participating companies by the end of March.

Cllr Abby Brennan said: “We are focusing our energies on supporting local businesses in West Bridgford and across the Borough, listening and responding in as many ways as possible such as this digital project with local business owners, Steve and the Chamber.

“Preserving our vibrant high streets is a priority for us and we recognize the importance of our independent businesses. We are here to listen and will be flexible to your needs as we are well aware that the skill requirements of owners continue to change rapidly.

“The prospects in West Bridgford are positive and there is still considerable interest from businesses to come here.

“We are investigating a study of our city centers that will explore opportunities to help shape the future of our high streets.” Businesses wishing to contact Steve directly can fill out or send an online expression of interest form on 0330 053 8639 an email to [email protected]

The Digital High Street Adviser project has received £25,000 from the UK Government through the UKSPF.

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